So, Mike Patton then

FNM > Fantomas > Bungle > Tomahawk > Nevermen > Kaada/Patton > Peeping Tom

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He did it with the Eastenders theme at Leeds fest

Patton does like three different voices in Midlife Crisis, before he starts singing in Spanish! Man’s a hero

Love those suits too

Zero mentions of Dead Cross so far in this thread?

You guys should all check out Dead Cross…


An astonishingly underrated singer, even after all these years. His range is quite literally incomparable.


Saw Fantomas at the Melvins ATP and it’s still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

Would have loved to have been to that. Was it Fantomas Melvins big band or two seperate sets?

I’ve seen Patton a few times - FNM, Tomahawk, Patton/Rahzel & Hemophiliac (Patton, Jon Zorn & Ikue Mori)
The Hemophiliac one was a highlight - When I was 18 I went on a short holiday to New York with family and by luck Hemophiliac were playing live as part of John Zorns 50th while I was there so I went off to see them at Tonic.

Two separate sets. The only crossover I saw was the Melvins joining Mastodon for The Bit which may have been the heaviest thing I’ve ever seen.

Yes, there are 3 drummers. Sorry this video does it no justice.


Dead Cross were fucking phenomenal at Primavera. Those floor toms!

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The Melvins dod the same thing with Modest Mouse, must be their thing at ATP

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Faith No More are my favourite band and my ever first gig (Astoria in 1990 oh my lord) and I’ve just started reading the latest biography of the band and its GREAT and has made me listen them on repeat ever since.

Love Mr Bungle and Peeping Tom (although it’s not as “pop” as he promised) and everything since is alright. Listening to Dead Cross again now and it’s simply not as good as FNM in their prime. Is it. Singing over extreme music is almost beside the point for the man Patton at this point, surely.

The thinking man’s Anthony Kiedis

Get out!


Faith No More > Tomahawk > Irony Is A Dead Scene > Fantômas > Dead Cross > Mr. Bungle > Peeping Tom > John Zorn gubbins > The Rest

Think I’ve always disliked him but I’ve slowly come to realise this was always due to finding his face annoying in the Epic video (and also tbf I can’t stand that song)

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Listened to Album Of The Year the other day. Still fucking boss after all these years

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I was at that - It was good. So so good. fucking party.

Saw the fantomas melvins big band somewhere in london years ago and they were phenomenal. Best patton i’ve ever seen. Fantomas were amazing ata atp though.

Never got on with Dead Cross despite it being everything i should love.

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!!Mr Bungle are doing some US-only shows with Dave Lombardo and Scott Ian(??)

Come over here, c’mon c’mon…


Sounds like its a one off thing from the interview of Trey and Mike Ps post on FB. Never know though!