So much Monday; so much dread

Morning all!

I’m really tired.

I’m teaching two classes today but have to write this afternoon’s at lunchtime.

Football later.


Morning Keith, morning all. Got up unconscionably early this morning for a trip to the countryside. Still, looks lovely out here (big fan of autumn, me).

Haircut later.


Alright? Got the day off. Going to Alton Towers


I’m getting strong Dark Souls vibes from that picture but that’s a story for another thread.

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First bit of real tangible dread for ages. Overtired. Still a bit of lingering paranoia and the blues from some overindulging at the weekend.

If I can just limp through today, I think it’ll all be okay.


Radios playing Friday I’m in love: unnecessarily cruel.

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Mornin all.

On my way in to work for (yet another) assessment and then that is me done with work for 6 months.

Going for a couple of beers afterwards, should be a nice afternoon to sit outside as well.


the longer the note, the more dread

Dread city here.

Full dreadzone.

No dread, our friends in the US are celebrating the joys of socialism and it’ll be quiet as a result.


Dread is pretty mild but I had (effectively) a three day week last week so I’ve got loads to catch up on.

Scared to get out of bed

I’m already at my desk and logged in but I’m still full of dread.

Kids back to school today. Have dread on their behalf, but they both seem quite excited tbf.

Might try and go for a walk in the sun at lunch to shake off some of the lingering dread…

Morning all. In my usual position on the sofa counting the kids going back to school today.

Jimbo’s back to school again too, but there’s no dread - he got himself up and dressed before 7 o clock.

We’ve just done the obligatory doorstep photo and he’s now off walking up the hill.

It’s a lovely day here so I’ll be finding excuses to pop out where I can to enjoy the weather while it lasts

the dread is more existential than immediate


No dread really, just the impending knowledge life will completely change in…



Last day of 2 weeks off, so high dread for tomorrow,

Gonna go for a walk before the cricket starts. Quite a bit of tidging to do too.