So my colleague told me my beard looks nice this morning, and sometimes someone will tell you your hair looks nice

But if you tell someone their mouth looks nice, well that sounds weird.


People are only really interested in hair


I assume this is why you made this thread

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Nobody has ever told me my hair looks nice, or my beard.

I got “nice jumper” today though.

Do you have hair or a beard?

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take it to the athletics compliments thread

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I guess it’s the bits that you have personal control over that people feel comfortable on complimenting

yep - same with clothes

The man in subway told me he liked that my hair matched my coat and lipstick. I have never felt so awkward eating a salad

ps, nice clothes ma0sm

I’m as good as bold. NOBODY will tell me my hair looks nice.

The best I can hope for is straight after I’d had the trimmer over the back for my other half to feel what hair there is and go “ooh, fuzzy”.

Also, people don’t say that someone’s mouth is nice, but what do you think they mean when they compliment someone on their smile?

Thanks thewarn

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were you wearing a jumper or just have a hairy torso?

I’ve noticed that people really don’t like it when I say ‘your nob looks terrific in those trousers’.

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I got my bobble admired at the coffee point.

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An old lady in a bookshop in Crouch End recently, and randomly, told me I had “a kind face”.

haven’t had a real life compliment for a couple of years now. Reckon I’ve let myself go somewhat :man_shrugging:

people are weird, I’d appreciate the compliment!