So Saturday right now

Woke up at 7 of course

No plans beyond driving kids about and watching football. Oooh and making chickpea burgers


Morning :wave:

I’m in the market for a good vegetarian burger recipe. Eldest isn’t mad keen on pulses unless they’re smooshed up.

Plans? Gonna paint the dining room - or at least, as much of it as I can. There’s a lot of woodwork so I’m going to aim to get the ceiling and walls done. Homemade pizza and film later :slight_smile:


Greetings from Yorkshire

I’ll be here all day, for the next few days


Morning all!

Travelling to see my parents and brother for the weekend later, and celebrate a couple of recent birthdays. Really wish I was able to use this weekend to catch up on a bit of sleep but it ain’t gonna happen.

Sat with coffee watching Glastonbury footage and it’s making me really ache to go to a festival :cry:

Somehow still in bed. No energy at the moment #helpmeImsick
Wife getting her hair done soon and need to entertain the kids. Might take them to the park and continue to try and manufacture a love for cricket in the eldest. “I HATE cricket!”

I share this link every year, I think.

The halloumi burger is excellent. I add carrot to the mix as well.


I will let you know, this is for Rs food tech homework.

Think the recipe if good food. Chickpea and coriander??

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Woke up incredibly early for no reason. A bit hungover.

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Morning all!

I’m not feeling over enthusiastic for anything this morning (a combination of low-level tiredness, medium-level work issues and a big shouty argument with my neighbours at about 9.30 last night).

I’m taking The Child to gymnastics later and she’s being taken to Edinburgh for afternoon tea if Wor Lass feels well enough.


Having coffee. Gonna go bike in a mo. It’s lovely and sunny

Food and drinks plans later. Not had a great couple of weeks all in all, hoping I can relax and get out my head a bit

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Why couldn’t payday be today instead of Monday, what terrible timing.

Want to make a quiche. No eggs.

Curse this day.



These are good but I have just clicked they have no beans. Still, I’ve photographed it now so

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Had a decent sleep but awake slightly earlier than I would’ve liked. As a totally unrelated matter, can I make a noise complaint to the council about a wren?

Going to wash the wife’s car, then do some oatcakes for brunch.

Will be watching the football this evening. Probably watch a bit of the Tour de France as well, for the scenery if nothing else tbh.


Glamorgan Pattie sounds like a boxer in the 1930s.


God I slept dreadfully last night


Just installed an android update. Hope it doesnt kill the battery life.

Was gonna go gallivanting round exhibitions but Gf wasnt feeling well yesterday and the nurse said there was a small chance it could be Covid so probably need to wait for those results.

Football and beer later.

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Youngest has been loudly awake and taking up the whole fricking bed for hours so am pretty grumpy this morning. Gymnastics this morning for the kids while trying to think of somewhere outdoorsy we can go with the dog later. Alternatively might just take myself and the dog for a very long walk

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Day 2ish of self isolation
I’m gonna have a chocolate and hazelnut croissant and make a hat


I think @Gnometorious was interested in telling people something.

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