So say you where having a barbecue


and this crazy character shows up

do you invite him in?

  • yes
  • no

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note: he lives for barbecues


In the garden


He’s brought a lot of beer, he looks pleasant enough, sturdy boots and a shirt that will complement the gatden. Why not?


I’ve always wanted to meet @Balonz


Inconceivable, I hate barbecues.


shit beer
shit shirt
shit waistcoat
no one knows him so it would be awkard
also - he is rude!



Anyone who brings that much booze regardless of quality is alright by me.


Chuckling away at this being part of a judgement of bbq guests.


Jesus Christ mate.


Looks like he’d start on about Brexit after a few of those Fosters.


They’re the second most overrated things imaginable, after bacon.


You’re going to meet me, pal. In your fucking nightmares!


Then they will become dreams.


looks a bit fatty, too much so for the barbecue


I don’t know him


What about him

  • Yes
  • No

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Bacon? Fair.
BBQs? You’ve obviously never had a good one, and for that I feel so deeply sorry for you.


I think they’re flawed in principle. I don’t like eating outdoors. Or being around people.


By the way, he was a founder member of Black Lace but back when they were an experimental CAN-influenced 8-piece. He left before they ‘sold out to the man’ and consequently missed out on the glory years of headlining Butlins and supporting Bucks Fizz. He mostly keeps a low profile these days and spends his time crashing other peoples barbecues. If you ask him nicely he’ll play you a bit of blues harmonica and tell you about the time he invented punk.


  • invite him in (no harmonica!)
  • invite him in blues harmonica and all
  • call the police

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Just look at him and getting judging mate.