So... technology

I know it gets talked about on here a lot but I’d be really interested to read and compile individual users experiences.

I properly hate it, personally. I will dig my heels in for as long as poss about having certain shit on my phone or in my home. I was happy with how it was a few years ago, but it makes me really uncomfortable at this point. A listening device in your home? Scan your finger print to get into x place? Spit into a tube so a company can tell you what your DNA means and then sell it? Giving your health data to a watch??

I dunno, friends. Sometimes I think I’m full tinfoil but it scares me so much. Hate it. Hence why my old phone can’t run certain apps :smiley:

What do you think?


Love it all. Listen to all my conversations. Take all my data. Put a microchip wherever you like on my person and track me sitting in my house!


All any of it wants is your data so just feed it all garbage all the time
Wrong dates and names, wrong preferences, someone else’s fingerprints if possible


One really weird one is life insurance giving you a Fitbit or something so they can find just how unhealthy you are and not pay out on claims. But a free watch!

Love the stuff. Obsessed. Have no self worth so will let it use all of my data go on have it listen to meeeeee


Always have the latest iPhone. Preordered a ps5. Picked my car because I can talk to it.

Am also full on tinfoil hat

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Mark: She is moving in, you know? I’m getting a firm date. Why have you got cat food?

Jeremy: To confuse them. Fucking Nectar inspectors. That’s why I got the denture cleaner, to throw them a weird one. “Who are these guys?”


Some days I get worried about AI and stuff and then I realise that the advertising algorithms with all the data they have still just advertises the last thing I’ve bought back at me. Ooh he just bought a tent - maybe he wants more tents? Maybe he’s a tent collector? Let’s show him nothing but tents forever!

That or it just takes a wild punt based on fuck all. It’s currently trying to get me to buy a Mercedes Benz. You’re a fucking idiot, algorithm.


Having said all this I finally got out of the mobile phone roundabout with my latest. Bought outright. Still feels top of the range. I think the ‘you need a new iPhone every year’ is definitely bollocks

Problem is if you read an article on Brexit or something they’re also like MAYBE THEY LOVE BREXIT and send nothing but utterly fake news from a Russian bot farm for six months and boom your nice uncle is in the edl


I’m not bothered about gaming and stuff, I have a really nice laptop but only cause I could afford it at the time and want to play the Sims :smiley: I don’t even have proper WiFi, I just use my jailbroken phone as a hotspot.

I’ve got two internet presences- this one where I have social media, but I inherited a couple of laptops from my Dad that use tor and stuff.

I’m pretty laissez-faire about this stuff but 23andme and stuff is like… don’t send private companies your DNA, give them permission to sequence it, store it indefinitely, and sell it to whoever they want. Just… maybe don’t do that?

Not into yer Alexas and that but my phone is blatantly listening to me anyway.

Also got a VPN but that was 100% so I can download ROMs for old console games and not risking getting dinged for copyright infringement, which would be… a bit embarrassing for someone in my line of work.

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Yes!! People actually pay £100+ to give a private company their DNA?!?!
I’m thick as shit but even I’m like… don’t do that?? It’s always white people as well. You’re white, you’re from Europe. Thrilling. Paypal me, I’ll tell you the same


used to care about it until i realised how far down the rabbit hole we already are and that privacy no longer exists.



Oh shit yeah. The YouTube algorithm is actually terrifying actually. You don’t even need to look up anything alt-right to kick it off - the amount of times I’ve had, ‘Up next: Jordan Peterson ABSOLUTELY ANNIHILATES SJW journo’ when I’m just happily watching a video of a nice Swedish man demoing synths is really disturbing.


Not least because 23andme was founded by Google man’s wife. OBVIOUSLY the long game isn’t to sell you dinky wee home kits to say you’re a tiny bit Genghis Khan, it’s to build a DNA database that you’re PAYING THEM to assemble!


It’s difficult because I feel I am way too unique and in predictable to be tracked and advertised to on a phone purely through my internet browsing and likes.

On the other, insta showed me that Birkenstock now do boots and I very much want them so 🤷

Not at all interested in having up to date stuff but the rest of my family are so end up with consoles and vr and they all have fancy phones etc while I am still happy with my phone that doesn’t even update any more.

There’s your problem


Been resisting this because I feel like the technology is at least 1 and maybe 2 generations away from actually being good, but the new Star Wars game that’s out next week might be the thing that breaks me

:eyes: :eyes: Do we need to alert the authorities