So The National won a Grammy!



Get in! Really pleased about them.


That don’t impress me much


I’ve found ‘Sleep Well Beast’ their most difficult album to get in to.


Father John Misty won best “Best Recording Package”



Didnt realise they were in bruno mars


Does that actually just mean that it came in a nice box? Amazing if so. Pretty much an insult.


I think so.


Trouble Will Find Me was also nominated, would’ve preferred that to win as Sleep Well Beast is probably their worst album.


BruTheNano Mationalars

It’s obvious, if you look closely.


Trouble Will Find Me is shite tho


I guess trouble didn’t find them!!!


Trouble Will Find Me didn’t win because it was their worst album


I heard the award was decided on the strength of Turtleneck alone


No that would be Sleep Well Beast.




I reckon it’s a troll referencing this song of his


Negative troll


The National deserve any award going. In a stale music environment generally they are the genuine article and their songs are well crafted and earnest. Easy to knock like many bands but I think they have a lot of integrity and always keep pushing on. Good on them.