So the new Ryan Adams album has leaked two months early

Anyone heard it yet? Anyone on here still care about this guy? Anyway - a few listens in and I can safely say it’s his best record since 29. The soft rock single was a complete red herring and the rest of it sounds like The Cardinals playing Whiskeytown tunes with the reverb dialled up.

Christ, that sounds amazing. I need to hear this!


yeah I wasn’t bothered at all until I read this thread - haven’t downloaded a leak in years, might have to wait…

not heard it yet but as a bit of a fan boy I’m always excited about his new stuff, and your description sounds incredible. Absolutely buzzing for it now!

He’s one of my favourites. Absolutely love Do You Still Love Me?, but will wait for the record to come out for the rest, because I am nice like that.

29 remains my least favourite RA record though, so that reference means nothing to me (oh Vienna).


Big fan of 29, although it’s a total mood record and I only really find myself playing it once or twice a year these days.

Much more importantly: tour dates please.

I’m a big fan of the guy too, but happy to wait. Tour would be nice.

Think Cold Roses is probably my personal favourite, but 29 is a great record too.

He’s booked in for some small Euro festivals in early July, so expect shows around that time I guess.

Might be in a minority here, but I adore his version of ‘1989’.


Love half of it. Which was much more than expected!

Same. Could take or leave his last album proper though.

This has got me to put Cold Roses on for the first time in probably five years. What an album!

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his best album innit. absolute masterpiece.

Hope so. He played a small UK tour in the autumn I think, but didn’t see it until it was too late.

The quality on Cold Roses is so incredibly consistent over both discs - given that it was only one of three albums he released that year, makes it even more ridiculous.

Don’t think he did.

Ah, yeah I think I must have been mistaken - can’t see any reference online to shows in Manchester since 2014. Was chatting with a friend about Ryan Adams recently and must have got the wrong end of the stick.

Ok, now I don’t feel as bad about missing a gig that never actually happened.

Yeah, his last meaningful run was Feb and then summer fests 2014. I went to Wolverhampton and man was he on fire. If you watch his Glastonbury set from that year on Youtube the guy is having an absolute worldie of a gig. Is perfection.

(that should be 2015)

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Cheers, I’ll look up that Glasto set and definitely make sure not to miss him next time around.

I don’t know whether you’ve already heard but some rich live pickings on This is a really nice 2006 set I have on my ipod: