So the new Ryan Adams album has leaked two months early


That looks great, thanks.


I used to have this recording and I remember it being decent - it was a tiny solo show he did during a Cardinals tour.

(Also, mostly posting because there’s an improv song on there - the one about dissolving teeth in coke - that was kinda my fault as I challenged some of his rambling stage banter)


He was all over the place in 2006. I think it was that year I saw him play for 2 hours, making all the songs sound identical, and was quite boring, in Birmingham (they were all sort of ploddy rock versions), then a few weeks later on holiday saw him at the Hollywood Bowl be absolute perfection. Might have been the year he did that solo tour too (by the looks of this gig), in Bristol, which was loads of fun, if slightly uncomfortable as he was really on edge.

What a guy!


My chronology isn’t correct here, but having checked, were all 2006.

I’m sure you’ve been worried.


There’s another track up on Spotify today, FYI.


Like that too, although is a little forgettable.

Which means I will love in a few months.


Just listening to Live At Carnegie Hall now - brilliant.


Such great chat on that record. Have only heard the short CD version though - should probably get the big vinyl boxset, and had a chance once on holiday, but thought it would destroy my luggage weight!


Doing an acoustic set at Rough Trade on the 26th of January…!


Ugh. Didn’t see this 'til it sold out. Heartbreaker.


Third single (Doomsday) is out. Pretty unremarkable tbh - there are at least 5 other songs on the album that haven’t been released yet that are better. Harmonica part is pretty much a straight Dance All Night lift too…


Apparently he “can’t wait for the UK tour”

Dates please Dave.


He played a secret show at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester on friday, announced on twitter a couple of hours beforehand.

A friend who went said that people in the queue were talking about having randomly jettisoned their cars wherever they could and hoping they didn’t get fined so they could to leg it to the venue on time. He played the new album in full apparently.


I was at the Rough Trade show - really good. He was in fine form - probably the best mood I’ve ever seen him in - and the new stuff sounded good stripped back and acoustic. He’s relying on a 12-string for a lot of these new songs and they sounded absolutely lush.

Apparently he played another last minute show at Treadwell’s book shop in London on Sunday afternoon…


Lovely -


Someone else agrees with me…


When the hell is this thing out? I feel like the more I see that artwork, the more it damages my chances of liking it.

I know I’ll listen to it a million times, as I have with all of his releases, but the singles are really plain, even for him (somehow for a guy who can rattle off tunes, he’s never quite mastered the single).

Token 80s rock tune, yep.

Doomsday is literally Firecracker meets Kim - so many RA lyrical tropes; waiting for ‘you’, years, the end of the world.

Without You has a real stink of Easy Tiger (which I finally grew to like but by meeting it more than half way).

More and more I think his best albums are Suicide Handbook and 48 Hours. Songs this simple just sound a lot more honest and direct with one guitar and some tape hiss. Almost certain I’d enjoy the demos of his last few albums more than the albums themselves.

This is mainly a rant to talk myself out of downloading a leak when I’ve already pre-ordered it.


Caved in and downloaded the album (I’ve pre-ordered the vinyl). It’s simply wonderful, isn’t it?


Streaming in full now apparently…