So this Gay Cake then

The judgement says that the bloke who ordered the cake had used the same business before, and that he had no idea about their religious beliefs (which they did not advertise), so I don’t think it was a stunt.


i do absolutely understand why they fought it in the courts and think that it’s worthwhile to fight for progress, but at the same time i’d just rather boycott the place rather than force them to take my money

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Issue is in NI many people agree with their homophobia so their business will not see any harm. This is probably an area where the law should step in


yeah i didn’t wanna assume it was more of an issue in NI but that makes sense.

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Yep, I hate to generalise but almost of of these homophobes obviously vote to keep DUP in power. Nutters.


I think you’ve got to pick your fights when it’s going to cost £450,000.

It’s not cost any of them anything.
It’s cost the taxpayers £250,000 and a church is paying for the couples £200,000 legal fees.

There’s something so naff about a printed cake. Either ice your political message on yourself in buttercream or go without. Don’t put a picture on a cake. You wouldn’t do it to a pie.

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Just going to order loads of ‘love is love’ cakes in rainbow lettering from them, then not pay

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Making a cake with the slogan ‘support gay marriage’ is different from those things though, which are objectively wrong.

Moral relativism can fuck off, and these cake people should be marched into the sea


Obviously these people are twats and yeah gay marriage should be a fundamental right. But I never really understood why they could be sued in the first place; there was a referendum held where people had the option to vote against gay marriage. At the time the cake was requested gay marriage wasn’t legal in Ireland. Rightly or wrongly it was a political issue, and I’ve never really understood why they should be expected to make goods in support of a political matter they don’t agree with. Having said that, I was happy to see them get ruled against in the first place because fuck homophobes obv.

If somebody smarter than me can provide a layperson’s explanation on why they were legally in the wrong I’d be pleased to go with it, but up until now I’ve never really understood.


Aside from everything else the argument being used sounds a bit too close to the situation in the US:

The Supreme Court issued a narrow ruling Monday in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop bakery owner Jack Phillips, who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple due to the shop owner’s religious beliefs.

It’s not illegal to call for something that is illegal to be legalised though, but kind of get what you mean if the state is discriminating then the cake shop being held up for it is weird (obviously fuck them though)

who was the cake for? was he going to send it to a bunch of bigots? or are you meant to hold it up at protests and the like?

not sure a cake is really the best vehicle for political slogans tbh

It’s my understanding that you can’t refuse business to somebody on the basis of a protected characteristic (not sure if that’s the right term here, but I’ve heard it used and it’s the best I’ve got) because that’s discrimination. But I would’ve thought a business owner can decide not to do business with somebody where their business would be effectively facilitating or supporting a political cause they disagree with? So in this case he could say he’s not refusing business to somebody because they’re gay, he’s just refusing to support gay marriage (and yeah I see the obvious contradiction there, but the law didn’t up until really really recently, and didn’t at the time of the cake being made).

Can’t refuse to make a cake cos the buyers are gay. Barely an argument there.

I actually have sympathy with religion, think it’s got its place (even though there isn’t a god, get over it lads), but nah, can’t do stuff like this.



That church definitely has a few RHI boilers on the go.

It’s the Christian Institute, who have spent fuck knows how much money on homophobic causes over the years (just as Jesus wanted):


You can’t spell Christian Institute without cunts