So this is Monday

…and what have you done?

Had a good sleep, actually John, and feeling the most alive I’ve felt on a Monday for a while. What larks.

Got theatre tickets for tonight but reviews have been cack so might bin it off.

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Morning :wave:

Woke up in the middle of the night with a cracking headache, which hasn’t properly subsided yet. Was convinced that I was going down with COVID but I think I’ve dehydrated myself.

This week is looking quite quiet. Expectations of myself: deal with a bunch of strategic / long-term work. Reality: faff around and end up on Friday with a nagging feeling of regret, then do all of the work within 2/3 days of the deadline.

Good morning,

It’s another fun-filled day of decorating for me!

Hi there tr00ps

Eldest birthday today so off work, and making pancakes and eggs the now. Then it’s cinema to see Paw Patrol Movie and then hamburgers and hotdogs.

Also, I killed my podcast today.


As in - ‘I was so great, I absolutely killed it!’
Or - ‘I took it out the back and put it out of its misery’



Morning all!

I need to start planning for classes this week.

I haven’t had breakfast but we’re out of jam so I’m eating buttered toast.


Day off today. Meeting my parents for a picnic. That’s about it really

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Can’t be arsed

I have nearly 6 hours of meetings today.

Go very away, Monday.

First day in after a week off. Bleaker than usual trawl through the email backlog as a recently retired colleague passed away last week.

Now I guess I do work?

About to drive down to Plymouth, going to see my parents and my brother and family together for the first time since 2019, so that’s nice. Packing my laptop and headphones, obviously.


Day off. Might go outside.

got today to get through then im on holiday. WTF didnt I book today off :woozy_face:

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Could have predicted that. The bed thing…

No plans today, feeling a bit urghy as slept badly so mrS is making some tea. Then walk? Taking V to meet his friends

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but for why?

two weeks to go

two weeks!


Summer holidays here are well and truly over

8yo back at school today

grey, rain, 14°C

Autumn is here

On my way home, currently sat in a very windy bus stop in the middle of nowhere. Should be home by 4 and unexpectedly the TV came up for football at the weekend so he got the keys and stayed at mine once our Eric departed, and he’s sticking around until tomorrow so I can see him tonight :partying_face:

Would be better if M wasn’t about tonight but I cant find any babysitters


Urgg dread, back in the office after a week off and i hate it. Internet got switched on at home this morning though so endless posts about coffee and what i’m eating for breakfast can resume as normal.

Think i’m gonna start bringing my own coffee grounds into work :thinking: feels like time.

A week off and that’s all I got.