So this Wednesday

And what have you done?

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Another day over…


Give me a chance it’s 9am

I’ve got out of bed, fed the cats, had coffee and looked at my phone

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I’d like to be able to answer with “a poo” but it’s still brewing.

Going to try to get my second jab later.


Feels like a very long week this one.


So far today

  • Laptop volume has broken. Just automatically turns all the way down. Guess I’ll never speak in a meeting again.
  • Strong smell of sewage near the house. Went full
    Until I realised there are no sewage drains for us that side and the smell is for about 3 houses to the left of us so hopefully it is #someoneelsesproblem

I’ve caught a mouse. Gotta walk a few miles to the country park. Hope the lad survives in his new home

Need to a get new work laptop working. Ive not read any emails about the stuff youre supposed to do before switching over.

I caught a mouse and let it go in the park about…800 metres away? Caught another one a few days later and I swear it was the same one! Bloody loved us and came back

yeah apparently you have to take them at least 2 miles away

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My tattoo artist had some space because of a cancellation so she bought my appointment forward to today. :open_mouth: I’m just going to say what it is because last time I let you nerds guess it was a shitshow:

the moon


A poo



No dog walk or bike ride but instead will be going to get some blister plasters because my heels are absolutely wrecked.

Don’t think I’ll be walking to work today.

Morning doods.

I am full zombie after a shite night’s sleep.

Today will likely be me scowling at my team (while still offering them baked goods, I’m not a monster)

What phase?

Operating on about 3 hours of sleep, most of that in the silly toddler’s bed with her refusing to let me share the blanket. Can’t cope.

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Still think you should get an otter. Or a narwhal. Or a red panda. Or a baby tapir.



I will eventually. Got to slow down on tattoos so I can afford Real Life stuff.


I really want a tattoo. The trouble is the artist I really want a tattoo from is in Vancouver.

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quite want this tattoo.

Anyone want to give it a go?

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