So this Wednesday

run out of milk

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I had a go at real life stuff and it’s not… it’s not great. Stick with tattoos

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


There’s a tattoo artist I really like but she lives in the middle of nowhere in France.

I like to think that every so often you’ve photoshopped out a building and no one has noticed

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You massively overestimate my photoshopping skills


Aye there’s another that I really like but is now based in Lisbon, and they do quite expansive tattoos which I’m not sure I’m ready for yet :jordan:

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How good do you reckon Hoogy is at Photoshop

  • Yeah okay I guess
  • Pretty good
  • Not too bad
  • Probably alright
  • Dunno, but in the middle
  • Hard to say
  • Depends

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Woke up too early
Flitted between anger and anxiety and deep sadness about work
Did the school run; went for a walk to try to clear my head; failed
Got an insufficient amount of work done before my meetings start at 10.

My family’s cat suddenly got quite ill and stopped eating over the weekend, and they had to take him to the vet on Monday. Seemed at first like he was going to need an incredibly expensive operation that realistically they couldn’t afford, but the vet kept him in to see if he’d respond to some medicine. They seemed cautiously optimistic yesterday but he still wasn’t eating so it was still a bit touch and go whether he’d be strong enough.

Got a text today from my Mum saying the vet said he’s like a different cat today, has eaten, is rolling around and purring and can go back to my parents’ this afternoon :smiley: Feels like I’ve been living under a complete fog with that and the football/depressing stuff afterwards, which has suddenly cleared. All this over a cat.


Just put in for some tickets for the Commonwealth Games next summer. Turns out that the track cycling is being held in that well-known Birmingham suburb of - checks notes - London.

Can’t wait to end up with Tonga vs Sierra Leone in the cricket though!

Can’t get my bathroom taps to be nice and shiny despite trying about 3 different techniques. Hands stink of chemicals now. What am I doing wronnggggggg.

Have you tried a dedicated limescale remover?

I’ve tried two!

You tried Viakail? Spray it on, leave it for 5 mins, then wash it all off. Then I usually use that detol spray stuff to buff it up

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Morning Im_On_Safari, all,

Had a really good sleep last night, still feeling a little anxious but not as much as last night thankfully.

Got some FCA training to do with use of marketing materials at 11am till 12pm with work, then off swimming at lunch, then catch up with my line manager this afternoon, so bit of a mixed bag of a day.

Off to visit some friends this evening after work though so that’ll be nice :slight_smile:

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quite a lot of WORK to do, all easy enough stuff but I think my brain might have deserted me for good tbh

park drinks with PALS this evening though, nice

still knackered from the wedding though, not sure when the last time i felt well-rested was

Solidarity brother. :fist:t2: :fist:t2: :fist:t2:

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Slept badly, was up with A a few times in the night and then she decided she’d wake up and sing to herself early on.

On a work mandated training course BUT I’m WFH so am drowning myself in tea and listening to a massive playlist of recent rap I’ve missed instead of bothering with it.

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I’ve only gone and fucked my hoodie thanks to some kind of splashback from one of those Flash with Bleach type sprays :sob:

That’s what I’ve done.