So, Thursday is it?

Yep, it’s a Thursday.

Anything to report?

I’m meant to be cooking for lunch but still struggling with anxiety over this particular meal for some reason. Aubergines really need using up though so I can’t really avoid it any longer.

I hope you are all ok x


Morning FL

Slept in a bit too late and now feel all groggy. Also feeling kind of irked. It’s sunny, so that’s something.


My baby brother is 30 today. We were all meant to be together to celebrate him, but obviously we realised a while ago that that wasn’t going to happen. SO on behalf of the family I very cunningly got in touch with one of his flatmates and we have been in CAHOOTS ever since. We’ve just been on zoom with them to wake him up with a birthday song and such, the type of thing we normally do, and had ordered in t-shirts with his face on that his flatmates were wearing. Excellent stuff. Looking at lots of pictures of him/us as kids now that our parents have sorted through and scanned for the occasion, really lovely seeing (most of) them :heart:

I now how to transcribe and write out an interview for an article that I was meant to do yesterday, and then work from 1pm-9pm. Gonna be so tired by the end of that.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Found out last night that Arthur Scargill, the famous miners strike leader, lives in the Barbican, in the tower just to the right of the Shard.


Morning! Got mrS last night, got home at gone 11 so kids are still sleeping.

Going to make some eggs or something in a bit…

Might do a bit of work today so I can have the next three days freeeeee!

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What you cooking with :eggplant: @anon89873996?

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Morning team, hope you’re all well.

Our dog Frank turns 8 next week so we got him a new bed. Better than our bed I think. Quite jealous.

Farmer on the field opposite is spreading shit on it so that’s lovely.

Going to take the kids out for a bike ride before heading to site to do a bit of work.


At the beach. Had a pain au chocolate


Your electric board will have a Is this a powercut number to ring to check…or see if your neighbours have one too?

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Lads my toilet won’t stop flushing

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How does it smell?


Morning all.

Content warning: small bird death

Got woken up at 6 by a distraught Mrs Horse who wanted me to stop Mr Socks from mauling a baby bluetit. Which I did, but it was too late for the poor bird. Mrs Horse refused to accept that and put it in a cardboard box to wait for the vet to open. Sadly it didn’t make it. Now she’s upset and struggling to make peace with the fact our cat does cat stuff while Mr Socks struts round like he’s a hero. He’s normally scared of birds so felling even a tiny one is a victory in his savage cat brain.

In other news during the fence painting yesterday I managed to get sunburn all across my back. Hope no one tries to zoom call me at work as I’ll be sat topless all day trying not to let my back touch anything. I am not smart.

This is all the horse news for today. You read it: you can’t unread it. Hope you’re all well.


Never heard it called that before etc etc

It did lead to the least sexy massage scene ever. All rubbing savlon across my shoulders while I made quiet sobbing sounds. No amount of Marvin Gaye could have saved it.


fucking daytrippers! get out of here!!

started the day by watching my cat climb up the plastic slide that was positioned into the paddling pool and then sliding down into the water. Proper slapstick comedy stuff 10/10


I’ll be round about 10ish for coffee

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Slept fucking appallingly, couldn’t sleep for ages and then woke up quite early (for me, anyway)

Found out yesterday that National Theatre are uploading loads of recordings of plays, and the Gillian Anderson version of Streetcar is on there, but it expires tonight and it’s three hours long - cracking on with that while pretending to work. Will inevitably nap.

reckon it’s probably counting cards, imo.

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