So, Tuesday then?

Morning folks. Got a call yesterday to say I haven’t got the job I had a trial for, so today will mostly be more applications and worrying about money. Tell me something good about your day ahead?

Ah man, that sucks. It sounded really positive over the weekend too.

It’s Tuesday, meh.

It’s sunny. I can go to the pub at half 2. I have tomorrow off.


Yeah it did seem to be heading the right way, and the phone call was all ‘you’re next on the list, the other guy was a bit more knowledgable but you’re still really good’ but what can you do? I won’t be selling speaker cables and curved TVs to the people of Plymouth so back to the drawing board.

You have to go on a list for falafels?

If your names not down you’re not coming in… to have delicious falafel.


you’re not coming in… we’re falafull


You’d falawful if that happened to you.


had a dream last night that I met Peter Crouch but he was a total dickhead and smashed my phone against a wall. dunno what that’s meant to represent.

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Hope you find something soon too JB. I think you’re right, I was all full of optimism when it was sunny and now it’s back to being grey and I’m full of dread.


The boy decided that 5.30am was the right time to wake up this morning. On the flip side, it did mean seeing this view:


Morning marty, all. Only good thing about today is that i’m not at work (which isnt really good tbh coz $) but i’m gonna go out for a :running_man: in a bit and just chill the heck out, i guess.

Had to listen to someone drone on about not liking strike action in sky news whilst eating breakfast.

Got a new bank card though the post yesterday replacing one that I didn’t realise needed replaced. Tried to use it this morning and it wouldn’t work. On the online chat to the bank right now and they appear to be telling me that it has been cancelled BEFORE IT EVEN ARRIVED.

So now I’m still without a debit card. Thank fuck for Android Pay and it’s £100 limit on contactless.

Fuck, this is dripping with sarcasm.

“And if you require any assistance , you can chat back with us anytime. We will be happy to help such wonderful customers like you.”


Hi Marty, sorry to hear. You’ll find something!

Still in bed oops.

The hearts have changed again!

My fucking £25 no leak coffee cup has leaked again and I’m PISSED.
Hoping for a retail victory here.

Handing in an essay today at 2. I need to make the words right first though.

Limit is set by the retailer. It’s often £30, like contactless

They can’t have much of an argument against that can they? ‘Oh no leak is just a hope rather than a promise’ or ‘actually it’s no leek’ and that’s about it. Should be an easy win surely?