So, water then

I know what it is. I do.
But like… we can’t make new water can we? It just is. It exists, has always been on earth.
So, the water in the glass next to me right now, is it as old as the planet? Was this water around before even the dinosaurs?
Cause I went to a water cleaning place, no I won’t google the proper name I DON’T HAVE TIME, and learnt all about the cycle. Up in the clouds, rained back down, for those not in the know. And how sewage is cleaned, meaning the water we’re drinking has, several times, been the same water I saw that was full of big poos and tampons and jonnys. And it’s been through dinosaurs and loads of other people all throughout history. So, hypothetically, I could be drinking water right now that’s gone through Henry VIII??
And it’s needed for life, which is why they say there isn’t life on certain other planets right? Load of tosh IMO but that’s by the by, I won’t argue with “scientists” today.
Does anyone else find water, the concept of water, utterly mind blowing??


Burning methane gas makes water and carbon dioxide



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Oh my GOD.
Here we go, this is gonna be a belter of a thread.


You just Wang some hydrogen and oxygen together to make more water.


It’s the only substance (I think) that is less dense as a solid than a liquid. Means it floats and things that live in water survive winter. If it didn’t have this property we might not have life on earth


So this is bullshit, then. They could solve like, QUITE A LOT OF PROBLEMS by just making more but they… can’t be bothered?

how is water water right when oxygen and hydrogen are gas?

Australia doesn’t recycle water AFAIK. They think it’s wrong to clean waste water and drink it again.

It’s a fucking desert country that keeps having to put in insane water limits way beyond your UK casual hosepipe bans. I believe this is why.

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Water is amphoteric, it exists in an equilibrium between H3O+ + OH- and H2O. So even your glass of water isn’t the same water molecules as it was a second ago.


Eyeing it very suspiciously now.


what about a wispa bar

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The guy from the Big Short has put all his money into water investments. Terrifying.

Some towns are having their water drained by big companies like coke who are then selling it back to them.


The energy at room temperature isn’t enough to keep the water molecules far enough apart to make it a gas, so it remains a liquid. It is sufficient to do that for hydrogen and oxygen

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I mean nuclear fission as an energy source is still not happening.

They could do it but likely the energy costs or the environmental impact of things like methane burning are significant.

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That is absolutely disgusting, jfc.

Prefer an aero tbh

Reading back my OP, it’s quite incredible I’ve written that completely sober.
Imagine how insufferable I would be on cocaine.


water, water of life, jesus gives us the water of life

not scientifically accurate, but still a bit of a banger

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if you’re going i’ll take a twix