So, what do right-on left-liberal people like us do now Trump's going to win


I need advice. I don’t want to go into a nuclear bunker for the next 4-8 years but I’ve got to stop my messing around and think about my future. We’ll have to try harder to make friends with Europe again or something, won’t we? Also, Putin is cuntby.


Recognise the vacuity of liberalism and turn to socialism.


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We’re really no better. Bunker is best.


Ah, sorry, didn’t see that. My browser got eaten by cat_race


most folks are still saying Hilary’s going to win no?


She’s still in the lead marginally. I’m just getting proper Brexit feelings about this.


are you implying that there aren’t a load of tories on here??


I thought CG was the only Tory in this village!


(admittedly my view of the boards is stuck in September 2012, as since then I’ve been banned 2,012 times)


Her popular vote isn’t actually decreasing by much at all though (still on <49%, losing about 0.2-0.3% a day)

Trump seems to be gaining votes at the expense of Johnson rather than Hillary.

Even if she loses the popular vote, she will probably win the electoral vote regardless (Trump would have to win Colorado and that’s not likely). So there’s always that to fall back on just in case the graphs start to look worrying. The world is probably safe for another 4 years.


My stomach dropped a little but when Obama did that skit on SNL/Kimmel (or something like that) taking the piss out of Trump and baiting him saying he’d never make it into the White House. It’s far too close for that and this email thing has come at a really bad time. This shouldn’t matter obviously, given she’s up against a racist lunatic sex case who’s infinitely less suitable for the job and done far worse things,but this is 2016 so nothing rational really matters anymore and I really think he might win.



Winge on facebook to like minded friends?


Here’s a picture of racist bigot Donald J Trump proudly holding an LGBTQ flag. Meanwhile, The People’s Champion Hillary Clinton accepts millions of dollars in campaign funding from countries which execute gays.




at least if he wins he’ll actually have to go through with building that mexico wall

think of how funny that is going to be.




Imagine listening to anything Michael Moore said.