So, what do you think?

I’m just looking to see if we can turn off images for all users to ensure the site stays Safe for Work, as that was a major request. I’m not sure it even needs the ability to do HTML but I guess we’ll see over the coming weeks as the forums become active how useful / annoying certain settings are.

I’m still learning how to set it all up so please be gentle with your feedback.

Definitely turn off images if you can. I can see an Upload button the toolbar above where I’m writing. Not sure who’s paying for that storage but seems unlikely it’s free?

There’s a blur spoiler option. Oh that’s what it does Clever.

One thing, I don’t know how many ‘levels’ of user there are an what settings you might have per-level. If you can leave embedding of images for Moderators, that might be a good idea?

I’m going to check this

Right I see that works. So yes, stop that working if you can.

HTML style: HTML also works.

So yeah, my suggestion is:

  • turn off BBCode if you can.
  • turn off HTML parsing

Bold and italics are on the line above but they work via interpreting _ either side of text or ** either side.

Links are auto-parsing so that seems fine to me?

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That said, the SPOILER thing is BBCode too and that is very cool. Would be good to save that feature and just kill the image stuff?

I’m going through all of the options and can’t see anywhere that only allows certain options for certain users, annoyingly.

I prefer this version of the frontpage - found the other one a bit disorganised.

That’s fine, I wouldn’t say specifically having different options for each user is likely, but if it was there would be worth it. Better to have no images, I think.

I’ve now added the option to sign up using Twitter and Facebook, just to annoy you.


Apparently that along is not descriptive enough for posting.

It’s only a sign up option as some people would rather click to create an account than fill in boxes (I know I do it half the time on my phone to save mistyping my email address)

I really like the design. I’d maybe set the default to receiving an email when someone replies to a thread etc off, as people aren’t used to that setting and might find it a bit irritating receiving a number of emails when first getting used to the site.

Two things:

  1. Can replies be shown as "embed"ed?
  2. Is there any way to change it so the text boxes are different to the background?

Yeah, there are a lot of default options. I’ll tweak them now.

  1. Do you mean like this?
  2. I can look at the colour options but was trying to stop it looking too busy.

Just had a look and I’d need to do a CSS stylesheet to have options of different colours. Sorry @jordan_dowling229

It’s fine about the sign up, I was only joking!

Jordan means nesting like in the old board.

@jordan_dowling229 they don’t nest that I can see but you can reply to specific posts and a link back is top right so it’s like linear mode

Ah, yeah, no nested is not going to be an option unless someone really clever can figure it out.

On the plus side, no thread smash!

I’ve managed to disable the ability to add images for new users which should keep things safe for work. Means only trusted users can post images (I’m not sure if accounts will be able to post images after they reach level 2 of trust or whether we have to upgrade accounts once they reach the minimum threshold)

Well I guess I still can. Can you raise the trust level much higher?

Moreover what about just using HTML image tags? If they work regardless that’s a bit annoying. There are standard ways to block HTML normally. I’ll see what I can find.

Incidentally, there are apparently 7 admins and moderators, although ‘System’ appears in each list so that totals to 5 I guess. But we definitely had more than that total yesterday. People have been dropped from the original list?