So which one of you are psychopaths?

Let’s face it statistically speaking a few of you must be psychopaths. So please take this wholly accurate test and post your score.

I managed 16. Comfortably middling score. Got into trouble at school and am a directionals idiot with commitment problems but im far from being a psychopath.

Can any of you come closer? Please answer these questions honestly.

I got a measly 12. Rubbish.

Genuinely think my old boss is a psychopath. Apparently it’s more common than average in people who succeed in the legal professions.


Although a couple of questions (none of the bad ones) were true in the past but not now so…

I scored 10. Too much of a goody two-shoes in school to trouble the 30+ threshold


o dear

Donald Trump is a psychopath (don’t know why the intro / headline is about sanity, it uses the Hare Psychopathy test as its basis):


12 :angry:

not a [psyco

I got 6.

psychopath checkin’ in yo

ain’t done the test

Thats a terrible use of the word sanity there.

One of these questions may as well be ‘would you describe yourself as a psychopath?’

8 for me though.


Sounds about right.


Yeah, the whole article reads differently to how it originally did?

It says at the bottom its been edited to remove actual quotes from the test, so I’m not sure if the whole thing has been re-shaped - I’m sure I remember it being a lot more in-depth and point by point.


was kidding, champ… or was I?