So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


ah you’re gonna play on an actual PS1, even better!


I’ve been enjoying my playthrough of this more than I can remember enjoying any gaming experience in years.

I am worried that this means I’ve reached the age where I’m now a joyless husk who believes everything was better when I was a kid, or it’s actually because FFVII is just better than pretty much everything else.


i never used any kind of walkthrough til a couple years back when i decided i was gonna beat all of the weapons. few times got myself into scrapes by saving with low health in shitty places but i feel like FFVII explains itself pretty well.

FFVIII i saved when i was low on supplies in that stupid moon bit and i could never get past it.


Imagine going through chocobo breeding without a guide


but first…


I remember being about 8 years old and getting stuck because I didn’t even know there were healing materias and stuff


*PS2! We never owned a PS1. I really hope my PS2 works. Will fire it up tonight.


Real Gs pay relular visits to the Chocobo Sage (and take written notes)


Oh yeah. Completely forgot about this :smiley:


think my whole first playthrough i didn’t realise you could change your limit breaks so just used the level 1 ones the whole game :man_facepalming:


same. But you never level them up if you don’t use the latest one so its hard to notice


I’ve just completed Wutai and then had to look up a walkthrough because I couldn’t remember what I was meant to be doing next. I don’t think a single clue is offered up, probably because Wutai is optional, except for “land on a beach” being said by someone. Yeah, cheers mate.


wow completed this already! (only had to cheat a little at the last boss) way shorter than I remember


Thought you meant FF! Was going to tell you to stop lying :blush:


you don’t really have a lot of options though. it’s pretty much go to the only other available place!


just finished disc 1!!!

aeris :sob:


Tell that to Cosmo Canyon!


Poor Barret :anguished:


As a side note, loving playing this on the Vita. Being able to put it to sleep and not have to worry about save points is great. Don’t think I’ve actually quit the game since I started 10 hours ago!


yeah I played this on my vita a few years back, it looks glorious on that screen.