So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


how tf are you supposed to use demi? don’t think i’ve done a single bit of damage with it yet.


doesn’t it justtake off half/a third of their health? I forget


yeah it’s supposed to, but it’s done 0 damage on literally every enemy i’ve used it on in this game. only seems to work on a select few enemies.


it’s all about Big Guard anyway.


Shit accuracy, doesn’t work on bosses. Waste of space really


I think it’s enemies with high hit points. I remember using Demi3 x Quadra Magic a lot against Emerald Weapon.


oooft i just got to the slap fight part with tifa and scarlet :grimacing:

ah that’s probably it


I’ve only played it once but I remember talking to a mate about it a few years later. I was quite surprised when he explained what the utterly useless Wall and Barrier spells did. He was quite surprised that I’d still managed to finish the game.

Bought it for PS4 the other day. Hopefully give it a blast over the weekend.


Wall and Barrier are utterly useless compared to Big Guard, which I’d recommend getting early in the game if you can!


Never even heard of that one!


It’s a piece of magic you learn from enemies on the beaches near Chocobo Ranch. You need the Enemy Skill Materia and the Manipulate Materia (which is on Cait Sith when he joins the party.) It confers Barrier, Magic Barrier and Haste on all of your party members in one go! It’s really, really handy.



That does sound pretty useful! Cheers.


why don’t they make games this good anymore ffs :pensive:


it’s super OP really. That’s half the fun of FF games though, getting to the point where you have haste, cross slash, slash x 4 or whatever it is. Decimating 5 enemies in one attack.


4xCut is my go-to attack on discs 2 and 3. Absolutely love it.


That era/ the ps1 had its fair share of clangers too tbf


didn’t start my playthrough yesterday, still working through the streets of rage games. Soon though!


Downloading this tonight, fuck it.


I started the PS4 port of FFIX last night. Minor irks:

  • Every character you come in contact to has the huge “exclamation point” and “card” symbol come up instead of just trusting you to press X or square when you’re in front of them; and you can’t turn it off.
  • The analogue stick sensitivity meaning you could adjust walking / running speed is gone.
  • I don’t like the font.

Buuuuuut… I’ve absolutely slayed on the card game and I haven’t even named Vivi yet (haven’t decided what I’ll name him yet)


are these issues with the PS4 version? I don’t remember these from the original.