So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?




Yeah, I suspect it’s a case of Square doing their lazy “release the phone version for consoles and PC” thing. It doesn’t kill the game or anything, but it’s irksome how a company that has a reputation for kind of pioneering spectacle and aesthetics in games can be so blind with regard to what does and doesn’t make a game uglier (case in point: Final Fantasy VI on Steam)


yeah I looked at the FF games on steam and just no way! OG PS1 blocky graphics or nothing


it’s weird playing it on PC without a controller

the differing levels of fidelity are slightly odd as well.


i was trying to find out the name of the artist who made the backgrounds earlier and went down a wormhole of reading about the PC port and how they lost a lot of the art and had to remake it resulting in a bunch of differences in the PC version


just fell into the lifestream, really wish i had that 4x speed text right now :sweat:


Any good articles out of that dive?


nah was just reading a forum full of massive nerds (not DiS lol!!!)




This is where I currently am


Currently breeding a golden chocobo. Slow going even with a guide.


Yeah, it looks great. The vita screen is beautiful, I do a lot of my ps4 gaming though remote play and it looks better than my (admittedly crap) TV.


Yes! Just got big guard last night, absolutely essential!


Great bunch of chocobo.



I’m taking this soooooo slow cos I’m mad busy. Still at the very start, just met the second “boss” - Air Buster. Beat it easy peasy, then forgot to save after when I turned it off during the Aeris/Church bit, oops.

Got mad excited at the first playing of The Shinra Music™ though. Gonna play that Flying Lotus video again.

Also decided that CLoud Strife is my historical fictional boyfriend. (He’s 21 in FF7 I’ve checked)


sooo much dialogue on disc 2. haven’t paid attention to any for about an hour and now i have no clue what i’m doing.


Had forgotten how much absurd dialogue you have to wade through in these games.


nah, all the dialogue is perfect


The original article is well worth a read if you’ve got the time, as well:
Really well put together.

Also, some more updates on my FFIX replay: this PS4 port doesn’t allow for spaces in character names! Henceforth Vivi is called DogShit, and Steiner (me having learned that it won’t pay attention if I include a space in the name) is called My_Boner.

I am eagerly awaiting the hilarious sentences that can be constructed from the presence of the name “My_Boner”.