So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


Yeah, it’s a great article.

FFIX is so good! Possibly the best FF Big Bad of all in Kuja.


It’s the only one I’ve properly finished! I kind of count VII because I accidentally deleted my save and then finished it on an almost-completed save file that was released on a PlayStation demo disk; though, on my last playthrough, I got killed by some floating eye dickhead in the final dungeon, having not saved in ages, and so gave up.


Keep meaning to get around to watching these Kotaku videos about the translation.


Detective Joe :rofl:


I genuinely want to see that game. Or form a band called Detective Joe, who would release one album (entitled Hot-Blooded Detective Joe) of uncompromising noise-rock before disbanding with no fanfare


this video are sick


Would absolutely listen to that.


How I spent my afternoon:


Poochie :smiley:


The whole way through the game my brain has been appending “The Rocking Dog!” in the voice of Troy McClure whenever anyone says his name. It’s made the whole experience about 30% better.


For better or worse, replaying this has inspired me to write a fantasy metal epic.


Yes! What was your strategy?


for better!


Basically regen>all, big guard, w-summon Knights of the Round, mime on the non-KOTR carriers, then spam it like hell. Also made sure I had the underwater materia to remove the time limit.

Oh yeah, and that Aire Tam attack it does hits for 1,111 HP damage to each character per piece of equipped materia, so made sure I only had eight pieces per person so it could never do 9,999 damage in one go. And final attack>phoenix as an insurance policy.



Just realised i havent used a single summon in the entire game.


I have to tune this ancient television before I get playing. What a fucking pain.


man wish I had a proper CRT!


please take a pic when you’ve got it running, want to see it in it’s proper glory, none of this LCD crap




i had an amazing widescreen CRT that i got for free when a studio i worked out didn’t want it anymore but i chucked it out a couple of years ago and got a crappy LCD :sob: