So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


yeah, we had a decent widescreen one too back in the day, didn’t have the sense to keep it around. What a fool!




Only one place left to go now


are you feeling a bit sad that it’s all coming to an end?


I really am. Should have taken it slower. Or just spent hours snowboarding like I did back in the day.


it’s ok you can play FFIX next :wink:


----> NEW GAME


oh man that glow! Looks amazing


My thoughts exactly! I only ever played that once so it’ll probably be quite fresh. Was thinking of doing 8 then 9 but not sure I can be arsed with 8 to be honest. Squall is such a tedious bellend.


gonna finally start my playthrough this evening


yeah, when I think of 8 all that comes to mind is the grey text boxes and the shuffling footstep sounds when you moved around and no music at all in the background.


those higher res sprites looks so fucking weird to me. not a bad thing but…


used to always do like scaling 2xsai or whatever it was on emulators back in the day, smooth all the sprites into one incoherent blob, can’t stand it now, gimme those pixels raw!


Immediately changed every setting, as usual.



noooo :(:frowning: the best blue in anything ever is gone :frowning:


sometimes i change the colours to differentiate between different saves but i never feels quite right without the original blue


was so happy when 9 returned to the blue


It was definitely a bit strange initially, but I stopped noticing after an hour or so. The main thing is that they really stand out a bit oddly against the low-res backgrounds outside of battles.


I’ve always changed it to black in every playthrough. Did it firsr time out, haven’t deviated from it.