So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


guess it’s what you’re used to


Ideally, this is how I would play through all the Silent Hills


also pls keep posting these thx


Will do!

Going to have to take a break first, seems like there’s an issue with the memory card I bought. Heading back to the shop now.


And that’s why the remake needs to get in the bin


remake expectations audit

  • absolutely no doubt it will be shit
  • quietly optimistic that it might be good
  • it’ll be great you joyless fools!

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I really love FFXV (I know it’s divisive here), but I have no faith in the remake of 7.


i played 15 for less than an hour but everything about it drove me fucking crazy


I thought its final few hours were really beautiful. And I loved the world/driving around listening to FF8 music/Ignis and Prompto. Fuck it, might replay it actually.


thought the first hour was such a chore, i didn’t enjoy anything about it. the wife was about 20 hours in and i asked if it gets any better and she said nope so i sacked it off.


Shame. Can see why it divides people. Did you play 13? That was a real sack of shite.


My game bugged out and stopped rendering text and battle backgrounds. Not seen that happen before!




nah but watched the wife play it for a bit. seemed like a lot of running down a corridor and fighting the same enemies over and over.


Pretty much. But none of it was fun or interesting.


I was excited for it, but I think the fact that it’s centered around being a road trip through a huge world and you can’t even manually drive really put me off for some reason.


it begins!


Driving around playing the Golden Saucer theme was the highlight for me! Overall I enjoyed it, but there was a lot of shit in that game. The first time I played it on the living room TV with my GF watching and the Cindy character was introduced was embarrassing.


Excellent! What system are you playing on?


It’s happened a couple of times now. Hoping it’s just an emulation glitch and not that the install’s corrupt or something.