So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


emulated on PC, don’t worry though I burned the rom with my own disc so it’s clooose to legal


always found this bit really amazing, when you emerge from the bomb explosion into the courtyard. Something about how the sad yet curious FF theme comes in over the sound of the electrical wires buzzing really stirred something in me as a kid


Aren’t they threatening to make the VII remake episodic?


I think this moment was the first time a video game made me feel something, and was more than likely the moment I fell in love with the game.

Finally downloading the game tomorrow, can’t wait to get stuck in again.


yep, that’s confirmed i think


amen brother


I love Midgar so much


If they can pull it off (and I doubt they will tbh), it could be cool to be able to focus right in on some of the environments; to be able to really explore Midgar (see my above post).

Maybe it’d be overkill; I think part of my love for these environments is how much was left to percolate in my imagination.


Looks incredible with the scanlines!


Really works miracles on those old backgrounds, without them I feel a bit sick and like I need glasses.


I’ve just watched part 3. These videos are really good; I recommend watching them. It’s like getting to re-experience the game (I’m not replaying it as I did so fairly recently enough that I can’t be bothered rn) while getting some really interesting insights into these little nuances, changes and quirks.

Thanks for sharing!!


Here I go!!!


this cunt wiped out my whole party when i’d only had one character get a turn! FFFFFUUCCCK!!!


remember the zombie dragon or something being the biggest fucker


I remember getting mangled by one of those on my very first playthrough so I went back to the sunken plane and levelled up for about two weeks in there. Fucked every monster up when I got back.


yeah, all about those unknowns! Man I’ve got such a journey ahead of me


Enjoy it Bam! I’m going to have to postpone starting mine, unsure whether my discs or the memory cards are the problem.


aw that’s a bummer :frowning:

what’s striking me the most at the moment is how evocative all the character/enemy models are considering how few polygons they had to work with. Also it’s like 3 years after the 16 bit era, kind of incredible the scope of what they achieved.


I get that games are much more expensive to develop now, but a big part of FF7 was the scale and depth of the adventure. Can’t imagine something less in keeping with the original than some episodic shite where you have to wait for months to do the next bit once you’ve finished


haven’t done any grinding at all in the game really and found it pretty easy all told, gonna have to just do a bunch of levelling now aren’t i ffs. i saved way down in the depths of the northern cave as well. fffuuu