So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


Start fighting the Magic Pots!


Fought a bunch, ran out of elixirs :disappointed:


Shite. Always used the W-Item glitch when fighting those.


That’s cheating!


I call it bending the rules.


Watched the first couple now, really interesting. Never really thought about the physical size of the text boxes being a limitation in translation.


I’ve watched four episodes, they get better and better. Wall Street (about which there appears to be two episodes, of which I’ve watched one) is particularly fascinating. I see I’m nearly finished the playlist, and I’m really hoping that the series isn’t over yet.


Yeah, the character models are great. I love how expressive their movements/gestures are.




wait what?



ah right, I always considered it more of a WIDDLY-WIDDLY-WIDDLY-WIDDLY which is where I got confused I think



such an absolute legend, seems so unbelievably nice and normal too. All the old Japanese devs just seem really humble and happy to do what they love, gets me choked up a bit


The lyrics are in latin apparently, and translate to this:

Burning inside with violent anger

Fate - monstrous and empty

Come, come, O come,
Do not let me die

Come, come, O come, Glorious
Do not let me die Generous


Pretty metal. :metal:


i died, fffffuuuuuuu


alright Wall Market, let’s do this!


damn there’s some real skeezy fuckers around here!


oh what the hell, i’ve got this multi-party fight against bizarro septhiroth. i’ve never had to do this before, got no clue what i’m doing!


You can just ignore switching to the other parties and stick with your hardest crew if you want.