So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


Yeah, I’m fairly sure you’re right about that.


even now on my 10th playthrough i still mash the buttons in a blind panic




has anyone finished 6? that final tower is ridic.


I beat it in January according to my spreadsheet. Was pretty tough if I recall correctly


think I attempted it once, then fucked around doing other things and never got round to giving it another go

this is how I end my playthroughs of most final fantasy games tbh


yeah same on the whole. usually coz there’s a huge spike in difficulty at the end where you have to spend ages levelling up and i can never be arsed.

don’t think i ever beat the final boss of 8, and only beat the final boss of 9 by accident.


Ah yeah, just remembered I got stuck on the final boss on IX. Someone later borrowed my game and game it back without one of the discs, making the whole game useless.


i only had one character left alive who was on berserk and i just watched in disbelief that i somehow survived for another 15 minutes just slowly plugging away and eventually beat it :smiley:


I played the android version of 4 last year or the year before I think. I can’t remember a thing about it. Thinks maybe there was a ninja?


The last boss in 9 is pretty random and weird with his speech lifted verbatim from Yoda in the star wars prequel.


Is this a spreadsheet of all the games you’ve played/completed?


…maybe :anguished:


Can we see it?!


here’s this year’s completions


I finished 6. I’ve finished 5 through to 10.



Oooh how was Divinity? Thinking of cracking into that at some point.


amazing game! Probably my no.3 I played this year behind Zelda and Mario but it’s such a different beast. Definitely had me hooked start to finish, the humour and charm really helped, sorta reminds me of the kind of playful whimsy you got with the first two Fable games back in the day. Pretty hardcore though, be prepared to lose many battles and really have to think about your tactics. It’s a great great battle system though, loads of environmental stuff you can do like setting fire to the ground then shooting a poison arrow into it so it explodes and hits loads of enemies or making it rain so your lightening spells are more effective.

I’d give it a good 9/10


i think on average you’ve completed more games per month than i have all year. fair play :clap:

(serves me right for wasting so much time on racing games that you can’t really ever complete)


nah it’s terrible, all that time I should have been making music wasted really