So who else is going to do an FFVII playthrough in honour of the 20th anniversary?


So much this to yr last paragraph


whereas i often think that i’ve been wasting my time playing on my guitar recently when i could be playing games instead!


Just got to the Shinra building, and remembered my first playthrough of this game aged 10. My Grandma came into my room to see me and saw that I was endlessly running up flights of stairs, and I’ll never forget her look of bewilderment. She never really got video games, but watching me climb eStairs for 10 minutes really flummoxed her.


I’m at that bit too!


There’s booster buttons on the PS4. One allows you to speed the game up x3. I’m really thankful for that right now. Damn stairs.


Ah I did not have that luxury, probs gonna take the front entrance tomorrow anyway, could do with the exp


Eh? Took me quite a lot of tries to beat him (in 1997) and each attempt was at least an hour. Every time he casts Supernova takes about four minutes.


not that one, the previous one


fucking hell there’s a whole room in the Shinra building I never knew existed!

what the fuck!?


there’s a whole FMV advert for a car here?!?! what’s going on


Ground floor? I remember going in there before.


I remember that room. Usually go up the stairs because I think that’s what an anti-government group looking to infiltrate head office would do, but busting through the front door is more fun.


just baffled that there’s still a part of this game that I don’t know. I wonder what other exciting minutia I can discover


I’ve never done the date night with Barrett


I’ve only ever had Aeris. Had Tifa get picked as Don Corleone’s date for the first time on this playthrough.


I always go there on the return to midgar bit when im going the wrong way


Got that once, didn’t know what was going on.


Disc 1 done!

I think the use of Aerith’s theme during the Jenova battle is probably my favourite use of music in a video game. You’re so used to the battle theme by that point it just completely subverts your expectations.
Such a brilliant moment!


Is that the shop? I’d never seen that until this playthrough as I’ve always gone up the stairs.

I’d also never found the bird’s nest in Mt Corel before.


I remember finding that for the first time on my sixth or seventh playthrough and being blown away.