So why could university be free in the 1970s but not today?



brought up in a tutorial today- had always accepted that for reasons there had to be some form of fees, but i guess i’m just a big softie.
yeah man



Plus far fewer people attended university back then.


I mean it was never free was it? It’s just it was funded through taxes right? I personally don’t think the current system is that awful unrest those who choose to go to higher education can do so by having a % of their pay taken out. But this should be taken with a huge grain of salt as I didn’t go to uni


Because our tax system is completely ineffective and the state has sold off all its assets


That too.


Neoliberalism since the 1980s, and the belief there’s “no such thing as society”. Everyone’s on their own, and has to pay for everything themselves, and everything’s for profit. I’m alright, Jack. Who cares about you povvos. Know your place, and stop trying to get above your station.

Other European countries with similar population numbers to ours, and similar enrollment rates don’t charge the same fees. It’s about political willingness to fund things beneficial to society. Or not, as the case may be.


Education became a business


my masters costs £20k



which I’m not paying lol obvs, dont even think I could get a loan for half of that. it’s mostly international students on scholarships from their governments or whatever.


how’d u get a scholarship? I’m pretty much gawping at the price of these things


I actually have no idea how I got a scholarship for this. I wrote my proposal on a train journey and was just chancing it. I think so few eligible people applied that it didnt have to be that good. Which happened with my last masters too. it’s so well known that postgrad funding is really hard to come by that sometimes people are put off applying and lazy middle class people like me get the money.


you all sound like a bunch of namby pamby pinkos.


i’m the only pink one here mate


only rich people went then. Also, when polys turned to universities all these career administrators plundered the golden egg mercilessly.


Too true.


disputing this rich people claim- surely you mean to say fewer poor people went? My father was from a squarely working class family, and says he was only able to go because it was free.




and bright! University wasn’t for everyone back then. It really is a business now ‘enabling’ everyone to go (money, cough).


hmm, yeah whenever lads I know are doing shit they never applied for or doing balls courses with low entrance grades about playing sport and the history of sport, it does seem to be a scam


It’s a lot about money, business, dreams and debt. University is an ideal way to leave home in a perfect world yet the world (clearly) is not perfect. A degree these days can equal minimum wage jobs all too easily sadly.