So, you are an American rock band from Germantown, Maryland. You have released twelve studio albums, and several rarities and live albums

This is now the Jordon Mutch thread


A whole thread is Mu(t)ch of a (Mu)t(chness)

So your real name’s Ray Wilkins? That don’t impress me Butch

Could have done one with her:


You may be the only person here who would get this.

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Ha! The thought did cross my mind. Couldn’t think of how to shoehorn in a Hoogy reference without it sounding racist.

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oh look! Moomins wear clothes! Always thought they were naked

Unless that’s an ankle bracelet (anklet?)

whatever works for you, man

hey! I’m not @AQOS !

(joke, can you confirm whether the moomins are naked)

no i dont think i am

Not impressed

I’ll take that as a no

so the only thing you’ve drawn me wearing is a moomin ankle bracelet?

you haven’t dressed-a-me much

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Excuse me, there’s one of me thank you very much

So, you’re a thick porridge made with cornmeal boiled in water or milk?
That don’t impress me mush

so you’re interrupting me whilst i’m trying to drive this team of huskies?

that don’t impress me. mush!

so you’re one of @rich-t’s pals?

that don’t impress me, mush


Oh did that thing slip down again?

Much of a t?

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