So you have one of those Alexa Echo Dot things

Don’t forget to try out these free games and the like:

You can just say something like “Alexa, Open the Magic Door” or whatever to make it work.

They’re mostly probably more diverting for kids than adults but it’s something to do, innit?

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Fidget Spinner is a fun game based on the popular stress relief toy. Choose your spinner and special ability. Alexa will spin the fidget and tell you the number of spins. If the number is high enough, you can unlock higher levels with new spinners and new abilities. different spinners and abilities to choose from. To begin playing say, “Alexa launch Fidget Spinner.”


So you may know me as xXx69FidgetSpinnerPro69xXx on the web, I used to make clickbaity youtube videos with fake fidget spinner giveaways back in the day. One day however I stopped, and disappeared from the web entirely, that’s because I discovered this skill, I assure you that this is much better than an actual fidget spinner, more fun and addictive. This app also helped me become one and find peace, with this app I started my fidget spinner pilgrimage where I would spend days with the door to my room locked, my parents, after much crying started to slide me food under the door. Every time I got a plate I made sure to spin it in prayer to the fidget god before eating. The only other thing I did was play Fidget spinner using the amazon dot, just me and Alexa. However last night I had a dream, where the god of fidget taught me how to make a iphone out of dead rats and plates so that I could rate this game and spread my the love of fidget! FIDGET BLESS YOU

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This thread bombed then :grin:

We had an argument about this on Christmas Day. Other half of the family were describing how they use Alexa to turn lights on and off in their house, my family were completely aghast at such a concept. Got to admit the idea totally doesn’t do it for me. Imagine that in about two years I’ll have one.

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They were also talking about how you can use Alexa to call someone else who has one, and Alexa automatically accepts the call, so if you’re in another room or upstairs this person can just be listening in to what’s happening in your house with you unaware. Is that true? Bit weird if so.

I asked it the meaning of life and she gave me the 42 crap, then I asked her the meaning of her existence and she said to play music, then I asked her why I existed and she didn’t know :frowning:


got given a normal tall cyclinder Echo by my work. Decent bluetooth speaker and quite fun to shout at it to play stupid genres, and I also ask it the time, but don’t use any other of its functions

Got a Hive hub and thermostat recently, which is really great.

It came with a free Amazon Echo Dot, that went straight onto eBay.

Can you change Alexa’s name to something else yet? Still can’t believe Amazon went with a real name for the wake word?

That advert - “play my washing up playlist”. What? If you’ve got time in your life to create a washing up playlist then pretending that you need a voice command device to save you time is fanciful. Or are they pretending that Alexa is gonna make sense of the completely non-existent concept of a washing up playlist?

Toys for bored impressionable folk innit. Like ~four or five years ago when people were conned into thinking tablets are useful for anything.

Yeah but I think only one of a set of options, not to anything you like

That’s fair enough, it’s just the stupidity of making the wake word a relatively common name that got me. There’s a reason all the other digital assistants have ones that wouldn’t normally be used in common speech.

got given one as a present last year. had fun asking it to play stuff from spotify for about an hour then switched it off because i didn’t want it recording my conversations and sending them to the government.

haven’t switched it back on again.


or have you?

Moker is the only other person I’ve seen talking about it recording conversations for the government :grinning:

I’ve got a google home mini and I think they are great. Use it for playing stuff on netflix it’s far quicker saying “play x on netflix” than starting the laptop, going to netflix picking something and then casting to the TV, I can also switch off the TV with a voice command using the chromecast. Miscellaneous smaller things : setting reminders, checking my calendar, timers when cooking - miles faster than getting your phone out to to do the equivalent thing. I don’t know why people are so worried about recording conversations - google probably knows you better than you know yourself via your search history or gmail so it’s a bit of a moot point.

Takes about five seconds with a phone.


Nah, not having this.

That’s just a rehash of “If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear.” - I value my privacy, thanks.

I like certain inefficient aspects of being a human. Which is why these devices in their current incarnations, and things like Amazon Dash buttons are so unappealing.

Even if the examples given were genuinely quicker, that wouldn’t make them an improvement. Not everything is about speed, efficiency, and convenience - especially not a set of (claimed) efficiencies and conveniences that are built entirely around you increasing the consumption of a companies wares.

I’m not saying that the technology isn’t relatively impressive or that there aren’t uses for it, but the examples given by people on here as selling points are truly pitiful.

And this isn’t a luddite POV. Or a joyless one. I dig tech that’s genuinely useful. And I dig toys. But folk claiming these are more of a tool than a toy are kidding themselves on.

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Think it’s common knowledge they’re just a bit crap, they literally give them away tbh

“Alexa - reply to @Ruffers with a comedy gif that combines agreement and exasperation.”

@discobot quote me something that combines agreement and exasperation, thanks.

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