So you think you can be a mod?



It’s the hardest job in the world. As you’ll discover when you tackle this series of hypothetical scenarios, designed to reveal the qualities and skills you must possess to succeed.

Top mod Theobald Ginster-Bathsalts will rate your responses to the polls below.

Choose wisely.

(Someone finish this shit off for me, I’ve got work to do. I can’t be sodding about on here all day.)


CG shows up and does his pound shop Milo Yiannopoulus bit. WHAT DO YOU DO?




A member of your mod team has carried out a dastardly, socially unacceptable act, do you

  • Close down all discussion on it under the guise of protecting other people involved. One of us, one of us!
  • Take his badge and gun and hang him out to dry

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Ignore him and hope others do the same.


Lovely stuff


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I don’t, I haven’t even got a parka.


so that’s what the GB stands for!


in that hypothetical scenario, if I was one of the people wronged I would totally want the person get their comeuppance on a forum where they were a bigshot, but I guess that cannot be presumed, but the other option has a definite closing ranks feel