So you wanted an evening thread?! (Monday 13th March edition)

How are you all doing? Much planned? Ate anything interesting for dinner? Etc

I’m on my way back from Edinburgh @colon_closed_bracket might be peering over my shoulder as I type this!! :open_mouth:

Ach. Really annoyed with someone off SpareRoom. Going to eat some salmon and I want to drink a bottle of whiskey.

You started two! Hang on

as I said…

been working on a new song today. Kinda a bit tortoise like


Whats happening with your living arrangements in Stockholm SSF?

Whoops! It said an occurred with the other one… :sweat_smile:

I’d very much like to hear this! Do you have a favourite Tortoise album Bam?

Haha, it’s not me. I leave the creeper work to @AllOfThemWitches :wink:

I’ve just been to Sainsbury’s to buy some bits. (I didn’t wear my slobs as I had more to buy than originally intended)… I’m now about to choose something to watch on Netflix.

Speaking of Sainsbury’s: what the hell is Food Dancing?

been working on a new song today. Kinda a bit tortoise like.

Stockholm is fine! But trying to rent out my room back home as I was halfway through a contract. It’s almost impossible to coordinate all this from another country though (my prick of a landlord wants me to arrange it all because he is annoyed I moved halfway through).

I just had someone who wanted to view, ignored my messages to get in touch with the landlord to arrange a time and just turned up tonight. Then had a bunch of messages saying ‘I GUESS NO-ONE’S IN??’.

Might just suck it up and try to buy him out, can’t deal with that stress even though it’ll be big bucks.

Ha! Ah the perils of train Wifi / 4G. I’ve used my Level 4 wizardry to merge the two.

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I don’t think the amount being purchased should come into the equation CCB :wink:


Thank you for locking and hopefully deleting the other thread :+1:

It’s more about the length of time in there. Just nipping in for one item on a quiet evening: probably fine; full shop in my slobs, not so much!


Making thai curry, but added way too much veg, so it’s probably gonna be crap but maybe healthy.

Arch sorry man, that sounds like a total pain in the arse! Was the person enquiring also aware that you weren’t in the country?

Very nearly had an accident (both meanings) in the car due to some absolute shit cunt not indicating on a roundabout. Fuming.

At least I’ve got this brand new Tesco Value microwave to comfort me.

Evening WizLiz

Actually managed to drag myself to the gym and earlier i sent a scary email I’ve been putting off for two weeks so I’m treating myself to video games and sushi

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Hmm - not that I’m not in the country I don’t think but definitely that I’m not at the house.

Oh well, at least I have whiskey to drink eh!

Are you suggesting a ten items or less type clothing policy allowance?

Moved from the Banal thread.

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