So your boss has taken the day off unexpectedly

How much do you take the piss? How much are you able to take the piss?

My boss is in now and I’m already absolutely taking the piss, so don’t expect there’ll be any change


I’m a hydration enthusiast. I’m ALWAYS taking the piss.

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My boss hardly ever takes leave except at Christmas when he disappears for about a month.

It took me an hour this morning to realise he isn’t in today, which is a whole hour of pointless work-feigning.

I’m going to have an extra long lunchbreak and probably go home an hour early. Might do some work though.

I don’t care anymore at all. I just try and annoy the people I dislike

Not at all, sadly. Would just mean I have two jobs to do for the day, one of which I don’t really know how to do.

I haven’t had a boss since I started this job in Feb. I have 90 minute lunch breaks, do fuck all and work 9 till 4 instead of 9-5.

I’d usually celebrate by taking my top off.

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Seen my boss twice this year both outside of work

I feel like this is the perfect pisstake length

It’s not the standard hour

But it’s not, like, “fuck it, I’ll give myself two hours”

It’s carefully considered

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I’m approx an hour away from leaving the office going to an Escape Room followed by pub lunch with my team and boss so I reckon taing the piss levels are already pretty high today.

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i am the boss

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I’m leaving early to “work” the rest of the day at home.

My boss is the one who takes the piss.

I think there should be a Friday WFH rota. Every fucker is WFH today.

Read this in the voice of Walter White.

A little. Take a longer lunch, maybe. My work doesn’t allow for much slacking.

I am the boss. I went to the gym at lunchtime and then went for a waxing and was out of the office for a lot longer than an hour. Double that. I’d encourage anybody in our team to do the same if they can manage their diary to make it work- we all work extra hours outside of the 9-5 (lol) so I’m a big fan of slacking wherever possible. Wooo.
I do remember the unbridled joy when my horrid boss at a previous firm was off on holidays. I didn’t so much take the piss but I did get upset at how much I enjoyed my job and loved going to work when he wasn’t there. Solidarity with anybody who is going through that set of feelings right now- it’s horrid x

used to just work from home the entire time my boss was away at my job before last. he went on a safari holiday once, and I didn’t come into the office for 2 weeks.

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