So, you're a hard-working county off-spinner who played 11 tests for England, taking 37 wickets at 33.56

That don’t impress me, Such.


Do you remember the time when we (I think it was me and you) bumped all of the Friday threads on the old boards?

Good times


I absolutely do remember that time. it was brilliant, probably the best time I had on the old boards.

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i had a summer job at the BBC in 2005, and given that was the summer that England won the Ashes for the first time in a million years we were talking about cricket a fair bit. one day the girl next to me said that her stepdad used to play cricket, so we asked a bit more and turned out that he was Peter Such. so i obviously then said “oh yeah i remember him playing for England, he was rubbish” and she wasn’t overly impressed by that. so then i doubled down and tried to prove it by showing her his averages on Cricinfo.

didn’t talk much about cricket after that.




What Such was great at was acting as though nearly every delivery had taken a wicket, giving it an ‘oooh’ or a strangled ‘howzat’ and half raising his arms in an aborted appeal. A true master. God bless you Peter.

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Or so my granddad told me as I am nowhere near old enough to remember this guy. Cricketer was he?

That don’t impress me, Such

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