So you're going to buy a bread roll/baguette

Which do you go for? I really love the olive baguette thing waitrose do, but my go to is a crusty white roll, favourite one is lidl’s, perfect mix between soft and crusty. When i worked near one i would leave the house 30min early to get them at opening time when the rolls were warm

Really love bread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :bread: :baguette_bread:


I like it when there is one of those bread rolls with cheese in them


A decent baguette Lidl, Booths, Sainsbury’s Local (NOT the main Sainsbury’s) or Co-Op.

Tesco baguettes are absolutely terrible just full of air no surprise they are revamping their bakery.

That Co-op one that’s called white crusty roll or something. I will admit it’s an accurate name, but it doesn’t really do it justice.

Sourdough or some shite

Ciabatta or a tiger roll.

Something I miss from not living in Scotland anymore: morning rolls. Hmm.

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Probably something granary.

Alright Wayne Rooney


demi baguette

Different breads for different needs. I order a loaf of Hovis wholegrain for toast and sandwiches in the week, but at the weekend I might fancy a bacon and brie ciabatta. Or I might want a bacon roll. Or I might be in the mood for one of the fancy loaves from the local hipster places - Flour Pot bakery do a marmite loaf, which is delicious toasted, and Real Patisserie do a loaf the call the “Chewy Brown” which is really nice too.

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That don’t impressah me much!

Different breads for different needs.

  • baguette: fill with a soft cheese or tortilla, or accompanying soup, etc
  • bread roll: fill with a hard cheese or roasted vegetables, or accompanying fried eggs, etc.
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I eat a crusty roll, I eat a tiger roll, I eat a morning roll, I eat a cheesy roll


Lidl cheese topped, in the oven for 5 then salted butter - perfect for soup and also make great croutons

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Co Op olive bread, the best bread about

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co op cheddar and jalapeno bread is the fucking king of all foods, let alone bread

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It has to be this very particular very crusty French style mini baguette that I can get close to me.


Bought a tiger loaf baton today :tiger:
No tigers included :tiger2: