Soap&Skin appreciation thread

She needs more love
She just released one of the most essential albums of the year and everyone needs to listen to it. It’s so beautiful, heartbreaking but also an air of positivity to it. Some really beautiful melodies, amazing vocal performance and some really interesting soundscapes. She is one of the most consistently brilliant artists active at the moment.

So uhhh yeah check out this album then check out Love Vaccumm and Narrow afterward, you owe it to yourself (not on the street team, shut up!)


Will do

thought lovetune was great and she was like 18 or something mad when it came out wasn’t she
not kept aspeed with her since

Well I suggest you listen to this record then :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t heard her stuff in years. I’ll definitely go back to her back catalogue. Loved her gig many years ago and this new album is a stunner.

Ooo, yes! Must check this one out. ‘Lovetune…’ was a stunner.

Big big fan. As mentioned elsewhere, Lovetune… is one of my favourite albums, and this new one sounds great also. I’ve just checked and apparently I’ve seen her play live five times, so I’m patiently waiting number six!

I like that the song Italy is a cover of Stir It Up by Bob Marley but it’s different


Crap venue but I’ll definitely get tickets.

Stunning album.

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Not been to this venue yet, but will definitely be buying tickets

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I’m new to her but I bought the new album partly based on the praise it got on the album of the month thread and partly for its stunning cover. I haven’t regretted it for a minute - it’s a wonderful record, definitely in my top ten of the year. Thanks to all those who praised it on here (@BMS1 especially, but there were others). Are her previous records as good?


Her first record (Lovetune for Vacuum) is even better. A perfect album.
I had mixed feelings on her second album, it just felt like an extended ep for me, but it had a couple of great songs.
But it’s not a big back catalogue for you to check through at least!

Im glad my perseverance paid off

U did me proud DiS… but you COULD do so much better DiS

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Wonder is my fav song of hers, I could listen to it forever


Oh yes, me too. That’s the main song I think of when I think of that album, nothing else comes close to it.

She also sings on a great song by Apparat, called Goodbye. It sounds just like a great S&S song. I was rewatching Breaking Bad recently and was surprised when that song started playing!


It was @anon73286315 that was the biggest supporter of the release. Credit where it’s due. Stunning album.

I loved Narrow, her second album, but haven’t heard it in years. I’ll re-listen to it soon but I’ve been enjoying the new one and now Vera Sola too much.

Absolutely adored her first record. Saw her play a show around the release and it’s etched in my memory due to the extraordinary intensity of it. Never seen someone sit at a piano and channel so many emotions. The only thing that came close was seeing Diamanda Galas solo but that felt like a whole other universe.

Looking forward to listening to the new one. Just saved it for a long walk tomorrow.

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Totally new to me and adore it. So much so I splashed out on her earlier albums and not at all disappointed.

Top work @anon73286315

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I really love the variety on From Gas to Solid - it’s dark and doomy at times but also playful and arch at others and the music has so many echoes of other things that it’s just a delight to unpick them. I’m definitely going to investigate the first album now (only £12.99 for the vinyl on Norman’s is a plus too).