• Bar of soap (no dish)
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  • Liquid soap

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This is a soap thread.

We moved to sensitive bars of soap and they’re so jch better than the liquid shite we’d had for ages. Nice old school getting a good lather on

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Just put it on the wire shelf thing.

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There are two sitting downstairs just recently bought! :v::blush::grin:

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Changed over to liquid soap fairly recently, which I know isn’t great from an environmental POV, but I was fed up with the sinks getting blocked due to the bar soap.

Still use liquid soap - get refills direct from a massive vat a a local shop, so plastic waste pretty minimal.


Wasn’t there a John Shuttleworth song about soap vs shower gel?

I LOVE soap me.

Had bouts of times where I try liquid stuff or shower gel, but just never has the same control. Literally rubbing that little thing against me, maximum impact, maximum control.


We’ve got some liquid soap that immediately turns into foam as soon as you pump it, it’s the only thing that gets my daughter to properly wash her hands.

I prefer bar soap for my hands but I don’t think I could use it instead of shower gel

I should have added a “do you use soap” in the poll


Soap in the shower, allowed?

God I fucked this



are sensitive soaps actually any good? I still have memories of using regular soap for more than a few days in a row and my hands being dry as fuck as a result

I bought like a 10l vat of orange swarfega

Might start using it in the shower

Otherwise it’s refillable liquid soaps in the sinks and some smelly lush bar soap in the shower at the moment. Do still use shower gel though but try to buy it in the biggest size possible

i need to get a soap dish so i can start using my soap bars
quite hard to find a soap dish in any shops these days, i’ve noticed

I also noticed this. Or rather, that it’s easy to find one but there’s not much choice and they’re all hideous or impossible to clean (eg hollow) or both


We have wrights tar soap bars shower and sink, helps me smell 40 years older

I’m trying to move to solid soap rather than liquid when I shower, but I’m always dropping it and my skin feels a bit greasy after. I got given some shower gel for my birthday so am using that again for now.

Fairly sure you’ll find your hands smell better now you’re not using manure.

This seems like an excellent idea and move in the right direction for the environmentally-conscious…