Soaps crossover

Is this why Maria turned into Greta Thunberg for a week

No Doctors? What the fuck

Oh yes there is in the blurb well done

If the Phil Mitchell extended universe becomes a thing in soaps I might start watching them


Just hoping for an Albion Market special one off episode :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Bring back Crossroads

Daz x Fairy

Red Dwarf did it better

Wish I watched more soaps so I could fully appreciate this

would be great if the crossover is centred around asteroids coming to wipe out the planet, and we the public get to vote on whether the south of england or the north of england were hit, and the loser’s show was cancelled

this isn’t going to go down well with climate denialists

Remember Soapstar Superstar

Can’t believe this has taken so long to happen. I don’t watch any soaps but I might watch these.

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Can’t believe they snubbed hollyoaks

or Eldorado.

Mar-cus, Mar-cus…the climate, Mar-cus!

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I’m in denial that Family Affairs ever existed.

Just a conspiracy by the elites and experts. It might have been produced by Bill Gates but I can’t be sure as I’m a proud Family Affairs denier.

I remember it cause the only time I saw it, it had 2 people who were in Renford Rejects on


Happy to give anyone any primers for Corrie if wanted