Sober for October

Have we done this one already?

Guy in the office is gathering sponsorship for Sober for October. Now there are plenty of hot takes to be taken here -

  • Stopping drinking isn’t a thing that should be seen as a tough choice
  • Go on, who cares, it’s for charity
  • There are absolute cunts who grow moustaches in November, this is barely scratching my irk-some itch
  • People = Shit
  • Stop judging
  • Anything anyone has to do to reduce their drinkin intake is a good thing

Me: I’m conflicted.



a mate is doing it, it’s absolutely fine. i halfway thought about doing it but think i’ve drunk almost every day so far.

Bit late now; to be quite tbqh

As long as the person doing it isn’t an absolute needytwat about it then it’s an entirely positive thing


Decided to do this without realising it was a thing (well I plan on drinking on the 28th). Would be weird to get sponsorship for it though, yeah

Why are you conflicted brah, literally doesn’t effect you

Well, that’s true.

But then again it’s the wearing of a badge of pride that kind of gets me… i get that raising money for charity is obviously a good thing and whatever, but… i guess there are more things lining up with this in day-to-day beyond what i wrote. he keeps talking about how he’s “gasping for a drink” and playing it up all the time like he’s going through a war? that’s maybe why.

it’s not the idea; it’s the way he’s doing it that’s rubbing me wrong. maybe.


I do dry January. My birthday is in October so fuck that, frankly. I wouldn’t dream of asking for sponsorship though - it’s a bit like saying, “my drinking is so problematic that stopping for a single month is equivalent to running a marathon.”


Oh thats fine. I hate it when people do stoptober then dont stop making a drama out of it.

i mean i don’t drink anymore. i miss it on occasion, kinda like missing when i smoked.

Might start no big deal March. A sponsored month of not droning on about your personal challenges


Yeah but you dont make a drama out of it :wink:

I’ll raise money for charity which is very important to me


Think I regularly go about a month without drinking without really meaning to.

Where’s my heaps of adulation?

DiS would be quiet.


Right here.

-> <-



I’ll take it, tbhumble.

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Thats not nice :frowning: