Sober october, lads?


Team effort mebbe?


Might manage it by virtue of rarely leaving the house.


nah, y’alright


Is this separate to Stoptober?


i don’t knovember


i’m going on holiday and it’s my birthday so absolutely not


you could be so happy because of your birthday and holiday that drinking feels unnecessary!


Happy Birthday!





what’s the funny bit 83746725


Would never do that to the pubs


I don’t get the “Do something amazing this 9-5!” bit. Do they mean, like, a work day? Because I already get paid not to drink at work…


Sorry mate since i quit smoking a year ago ive only really been a proper drinker again this last year

if i dont smoke or drink id have to turn to drugs to slightly numb the world out


sure, why not!


holding on for dismember november


that’s amazing! i’m constantly drunk!


Did it last year when I came back from a holiday of heavy drinking and felt terrible. Just about to do the same so might do it, yeah


Followed by Noremember?


See I feel like I could do this because I have no events or anything planned eg weekends away.

Wait I have a David Byrne gig to go to, I’m probably out.


I’m in, already done a week and a bit (training for Sobertober starts early, I am like Rocky Balboa)