⚽ 🏃 Weekend Football Thread 🏃 ⚽

Lots of exciting looking football games today and tomorrow, and maybe even the day after that. Why not post your thoughts about them in this thread, and we shall enjoy them together in the spirit of fellowship and personal brand management.

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I’m off to Palace v City. Really struggling to be bothered. Normally after a break I’m raring to go but not this time.

Not sure if any City fans here are going but if so there’s a minutes silence before the game, plus a minutes applause in the 19th and 57th minutes.

Where are you going/watching this weekend?

Leeds Newcastle tomorrow. Leeds to lose. Not anti bants, they’re just much better than us.

City won’t beat Palace. Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and United will all win with something to spare.

One of those fantastic weekends of back-to-back solid Euro games which is great providing you can get past your own team losing at statistically the worst side in England.

I really really really hope Arsenal beat Man U

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@Parsefone Thanks for merging my thread I posted in Uncategorised to this. There’s a reason I don’t normally create new threads.

Have you seen how shit we are? 5 wins in 2016, your going to stuff us. I predict 0-5. Not even anti bants but if it means Pardew goes I’m fine with that.

Yours had a nicer sentiment.

Actually considering the circumstances of the Tram disaster I hope the team turns up and plays. Pardew going can wait another week.

Are West Ham still awful? Thought they were looking better before the international break but I can’t remember?

I think we will turn up, but still go down 1-2 to City in the end.

They beat us the other week. That probably doesn’t help answer your question.

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No club that pulled off the most successful stadium migration in history can be all that bad.


Virtually zero chance, though, eh. 2 wins in 18 years in the League at Old Trafford. Very best they can hope for is a draw. Just not mentally strong enough.

Think it could be a bit of a cornerstone game for Mourinho actually - a big result in a meaningful competition against a good side, his first in four attempts. Reckon it might prove a bit of a lightbulb moment for him as to what his best side is, e.g without Rooney or Zlatan.

In the worlds shittest pub killing two hours before the utd game. Think it’ll be a draw but ive got to be honest: im not actually sure what the score will be!

United v Arsenal

  • 0-0
  • 1-0
  • 2-0
  • 3-0
  • 4-0
  • 1-1
  • 2-2
  • 3-3
  • 4-4
  • 1-2
  • 1-3
  • 1-4
  • 2-3
  • 2-4
  • 2-5
  • 2-1
  • 3-1
  • 4-1
  • 5-1
  • 3-2
  • 3-4
  • 4-2
  • 4-3

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This… this is a bad team

United’s defence is so dodgy

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Dead excited to see how Jenkinson handles Martial.

Bar Rojo and Jones United have got basically their best team out. They’re gonna walk it.