⚽ ⚽ International Break Football Thread ⚽ ⚽

Sad start to the week - Eboue diagnosed with HIV. fucking hell :frowning:


Man, that is really fucking sad.


Yep. Read some comments that it’s insanely manageable these days, and HIV carriers in the developed world often outlive ‘healthy’ people due to the maintenance they perform on their immune system. Still an awful thing to have to carry with you though.

Absolutely - I knew it wasn’t necessarily the death sentence it was 20 / 30 years ago and that managing the condition is a lot easier - but as you say, an awful thing to be saddled with, regardless.

hope the guy’s ok. always.loved this


Shit, tumbleweed was for the international break. Not Eboue. Terrible news. Doesn’t have to be a death sentence anymore, so hope they caught it early. Definitely life changing though :frowning:

I for one, am quite excited about Scotland’s chances being immediately extinguished by two early Marek Hamšík goals

perhaps for peak banter, Vladimir Weiss will also get on the scoresheet

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The Slovakian Messi!

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That Harry Kane, though. Good player, but what’s he ever won for England?

I dont think its been confirmed it is HIV yet , official line seems to be ‘abnormal blood values’

Ranieri’s doing alright at Nantes

The heart of a nation.

Belarus away on Saturday, followed by Sweden at home on Tuesday.

Two must-win games, obviously.

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Enfield Town v Hendon tomorrow evening.

Our record in League Matches at Enfield Town?

Played 5, Lost 5, Scored 5, Conceded 17.

Expecting the worst.

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what a goal @ynot


We had this yet?


Never seen this before. Now cant stop watching it. It’s brilliant.
Know it’s the mirror but just seen this. Keep giggling at 8

Yeah it was purely tongue and cheek by one of our fanzines. I’ve not been to the cup games, so I haven’t seen us score yet.