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Harry Fuckin Winks!

Quite like the idea of Harry Winks as an England player tbh. Need a centre mid who can use the ball somewhat intelligently

Harry Billy Winks

Roberto Delpharlos injured. Fucking hell.

Harry billy ‘of Spanish descent’ winks.


Bartha DNA

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Tom Cleverleys still playing (I think!)

Shame Chalobah’s knee’s gone cause he’s been looking alright

Pretty sure I called Harry Winks for England before anyone else.

Don’t really know how good he is but he genuinely doesn’t need to be very good to be an important part of a 1st XI imo

I am certain Fabian Delph’s injury is a result of a serious knee complaint, rather than because, say, he’s his club’s only functional left back and the nation probably doesn’t have a great need of his services against Slovenia and (checks) Lithuania.

but…fabian delph retired a sunderland player aged 36 last year.


Delphs still a snake

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in that case this ‘knee injury’ has got to be bullshit


Sick note Delph has only managed 9 games for England in 10 years of professional football! Massive skiver, disrespecting the badge. Should have to apologise to everyone who voted Brexit and their families


In the words of Andy Townsend “better

In the past we of the DiS elite have perhaps overused the term “SCENES!” But I assure you, this is truly worthy of that title


Fully supportive of equalisers instigating full scale riots/festivals, so long as time gets added on for it.

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can’t work out who any of these people are:

Stacy solomon I think


the absolute best thing about this is the bobble on the free kick!

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