⚽ ⚽ International Break Football Thread ⚽ ⚽


I have less Irish blood in me than Tony Cascarino.

But I can’t fucking stand Chris Coleman and I really can fucking stand Martin O’Neill :slight_smile:


Into extra time here. Could see this go to penalties, neither side looks able to break the other down.



Hows Mooy doing? Staying out of trouble, not risking injury, definitely not running around too much?


Late Australia winner in Extra Time against 10 man Syria :disappointed:


I’m impressed Tim Cahill is still going.

Go Panama now I guess.


Really unfortunate that passage of possession came from the referee getting in the way and Australia picking up the loose ball.


Tim Cahill and Australia in general are two things that are bad IMO.


Watched about 5 minutes of this, and it’s obvious the Ozzies’ entire gameplan is to try and find him with every single ball. As well they might.


Damn you Tim Cahill


Are you boycotting the Qatar World Cup? (running this mainly so we can point and laugh at people who voted ‘yes’ in five years time when they’re watching it)

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t mind either, but this is unforgivable


Running around loads, in the thick of it at all times!


Commentator on the YouTube stream called Cahill “The Human Trampoline”. What a twat.


Will end up watching it probably but will buy significantly less official merchandise than I usually do


just the one foam hand and rooney shirt then?


Because he’s bouncing in to Graceland (Graceland is the World Cup)


Imagine the marketing potential of Rooney Shirt Foam Hands!


I would like to be able to Boycott the Qatar World Cup but it would likely necessitate leaving the actual planet to do so


Set up a gofundme