⚽ ⚽ International Break Football Thread ⚽ ⚽


This is my answer.


really? all you have to do is…not watch the games.


That was close at the end.


Yep! That free kick!


or buy ANY product that ties in with World Cup, not watch any TV, not have my eyes/ears open while walking down the high street, avoid all newspapers/internet sites



should be able to avoid most of the products. Visa and Anheuser-Busch InBev could be tricky to avoid I guess. I don’t think being passively exposed to world cup news counts as lending your support to the competition by watching it tbh.


I dunno - everything is branded with footballs around the world cup, every advert is football related and so on - with a little slice of licensing money going to FIFA . They’ve got that shit locked down

It’s pretty hard to avoid

If Sweden don’t qualify it might be a little easier I guess


oh well, we’d better buckle-in and make the best that we can of the patriarchal capitalism we live under then. There’s nothing we can do about it


I’ve seen todays Squires, so you don’t have to.


what’s the point in buying Ecover, they ship it in from Europe and then drive it all over the UK before it even gets to you!


Amazed anyone can think five years ahead to be honest, I can barely think five days ahead


What’s the issue with TC?
Always thought he was an all round good egg, did loads of stuff in the community in Liverpool whilst he was at Everton, has always been involved with various charities throughout his career. Comes across well in interviews. Have I missed something?


He’s really, really Australian


You forget that Ant used to live in Clapham.


that’s what I said


Sadio Manè out for six weeks.

Huge stroke of luck for whoever Liverpool are playing next.



Don’t suppose he took a trip to Barcelona?


Theo Boycott