⚽ ⚽ International Break Football Thread ⚽ ⚽


Absolutely love robben. One of my favourite players of his generation next to the likes of xabi alonso, puyol and John terry.


this is doing the rounds again on the lad banter sites.

will allow it though, 10/10


everything cunty is completely forgiven for this + the celebration

absolutely bantered the cunts right off


Countdown started to the first Scouse revisionist claiming they’d have been challenging for the title this season but for Mane’s suspension and injury.


Playoff Predictions;
Sweden v Denmark
Greece v Switzerland
Italy v Ireland
Croatia v N.Ireland


An all-Oireland tie, or Italy vs either or i’m not interested.


Won’t be Ireland v NI, as the seeds are likely to be Croatia, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark


Fabio Rochemback’s cockfighting ring?

(£6/£5 NUS)


Italy vs. Ireland, bring it on. Can only see us getting hammered by the others.

Would love a Northern Ireland vs. Republic of Ireland tie but that’s not on the cards, alas.


bring on the Italians!


saddest i’ve been watching football since the pens in 96. felt desolate for days. nice hit though.


What’s also mad is that it’s an absolutely pathetic strike by a limited shitcunt. Van Der Sar would normally turn that away with a light breath but that’s football I guess.


What a massive opinion you’ve pretended to have there!


No need to be salty pal. If you can’t score a goal like that for fun at this level you ought to be playing another sport. This is Robben when you take away the shin volleys, why he couldn’t hack it w/o that Bayern team teeing it up on the weekly:

I’m sure you’d bury that tbh.


Ahahahah! Legit one of the weirdest posts I’ve ever seen on these boards!






Ecuador open scoring against Argentina after 40 seconds.

Dybala, Icardi on the bench. Higuain left out of squad, Aguero obviously injured. Argentinian-based Bennedeto opted for.

Messi might actually have to win them this himself


Didn’t even get to my seat in time for the opener!
Nice equaliser. This should be bloody good.


Bennedeto didn’t exactly play well last match, but he did no worse than the three you mention have done previously in qualifying. What a bizarre situation to find themselves in. Also, check out the age of the squad, not a lot of youth there at all.