⚽ ⚽ International Break Football Thread ⚽ ⚽


Called it.

Hat-trick, ridiculous.


if you are still up the Hex is getting interesting, USA need an equaliser ASAP


Peru going through at the expense of Chile!!!


*going into playoff against New Zealand

USA very close to the edge here…


Like I said, they’re through.



FO, M.


My word US now in 5th spot and OUT. Cannot wait for work tomorrow!


Sorry, honestly got muddled up about the playoffs.


'salright, I should have put a safety wink. I strongly suspect that the proud brave mountain lads will be too good for the proud brave island nation.


So as long as Mexico don’t score in the next couple of seconds, USA are out.

Oh well, I’m sure the already-qualified Mexicans will fight to the last dying seconds for their neighbours :smiley:


Jesus, the lads in the studio are taking it hard :frowning_face: poor John Spector.

T n T have Dennis Lawrence, Big Sol and Stern John on the coaching staff . Lovely stuff.

Also, Roman Torres, one of the more likeable MLS lads scored for Panama. Absolute scenes!


Unbelievable scenes.

Looking forward to seeing Panama. Always nice to have some debutants.


Always had an irrational like for Stern John based purely on his name. Good to see some underdog lads getting through.

Scrolled through the Twitter reaction and it was quite funny, very entitled - “we’ve done so much to grow soccer in this country and now they’ve thrown it away, it’s a disaster”. Like the US has to qualify every time.


So it’s Peru/ New Zealand and Australia/Honduras now isn’t it?

It’s nice that neither of those are absolute forgone conclusions as the playoffs quite often are.

It will definitely take a bit of the shine off the World Cup when they are up to 40 odd teams and none of the major countries even when doing a bit she can’t qualify. Can’t see the USA or Holland not making a World Cup where the bar has been considerably lowered.


Yeah, though I think you’d have to fancy Australia and Peru (12th in the world or something if you believe FIFA). But the Aussies have had a few problems recently and NZ have got a couple of Premier League-ish level players, and Peru probably won’t fancy playing at a ground whose fans sing “we’ve got the wind and the rain and the Phoenix” - so who knows?

Agree with your final point, too.


Yeah I mean Australia and Peru should be favourites, but it’s not quite the same as if it had ended up Panama vs Australia and Argentina or Chile vs New Zealand. Which was quite possible.

Australia were pretty lucky to get past Syria in the end. Extra time and Tim Cahill. And they didn’t actually have to play in Syria with the Syrian ‘home leg’ being in Malaysia. A trip to Honduras might not be what their quite callow team needs. Rumours also abound that Postecoglu could be out before the World Cup no matter who wins the play off.

That said both Australia and Peru could walk the fixtures.


I mean he’s no arjen robbed but fuck me messi’s decent at football


What could be better than a night at pizza express? What about a night a pizza express with Chris Sutton, Tim sherwood and some jazz?


A treat for early 90s Norwich fans especially!


Can start getting excited about WORLD CUP now!

Thrilled to see Panama go through, not because they’re very good or exciting, but because I saw them play a qualifier against Honduras in Panama City in June.

The play offs are going to be very interesting. Definitely agree that a 40 team World Cup would take away whatever tiny amount of frisson the qualifying process still has (outside of South America of course where it’s nothing but frisson)