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Just read that story of Donadoni having to have his jaw broken on the pitch to save his life, crazy.


Yeah got to to feel a bit sorry for the likes of Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay Colombia in this. The likelihood is that they will only get one extra spot out of the whole thing so some of them will still have to sit out as they watch Belarus qualify for their first World Cup.


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Panama :smiley:
Peru :smiley:
Chile :frowning:


This is brilliant :sweat_smile:




Hope Honduras can do the Austrians. Need more Central American teams at the Worldcup.


Does someone want to ‘do the math’ & figure out, given the results of the qualifiers now, which teams would be qualified if Russia 2018 were a 40 team tournament?


Stunning work. Bravo!


55 quid?!?!


I guess Peru/New Zealand/Australia/Honduras would all get in, no idea how many extra spots each confederation would get though


this is what I’m trying to work out

My first presumption is that half the teams now in playoff spots would get in automatically & there would be another bunch who are out who would be in the playoffs

my thinking is that rather than teams like …I dunno, Estonia or Belarus or Syria booking their first World Cup place this expansion would actually be doing a favour to more established teams just falling short of the mark …Holland, USA, Chile and so on


This is the thing innit, what they should be doing is increasing the amount of Asian and African spots by a fair amount, keeping Europe the same and slightly increasing Central America and South America


should just have a straight up 256 team knock out competition (I’m sure FIFA can expand from 211). Cant play against your own continent until the last 32.


I assume you have somehow mistyped here and meant ‘they should be getting all the worlds biggest footballers into the tournament no matter what country they are from to please their sponsors’ yeah?


wonder if the world cup will finally get its own official tractor.


A tractor that runs off sweet, sweet SOCAR - Energy of Azerbaijan


These are exactly the sort of ideas they need over at FIFA. You guys should consider applying for jobs.


mate, laugh all you like but the Irish team literally have no redeeming features But I like you so I’m gonna let it go this once :):roll_eyes:


Dear God, this looks convoluted. I’m looking forward to Luxembourg’s golden generation finally getting the chance they deserve, though!